[Watch] “The Green Fog”: Guy Maddin’s masterful patchwork homage to Hitchcock

The Green Fog

I know that it has been said a gazillion time before and saying it would undermine my recommendation powers but I’d still say that you haven’t seen anything like “The Green Fog” ever. Clocking at 63 minutes Guy Maddin has created a frantic, often hilarious homage to Alfred Hitchcock’s 1958 film “Vertigo.” To add to the amazement, Maddin has now made his creation available for free.

Calling it a film would be a disservice to what Maddin has created here with his frequent collaborators Evan Johnson  & Galen Johnson. To put it lightly, it is one of the most visually absorbing things I have ever seen. There is no narrative in Maddin’s creation and this experimental ode is filled with clips from old films and tv shows that were filmed in San Francisco. In a way, Maddin mines Hollywood’s most tasteless stories ranging from the 30s to as new as 2015 to create something that is eerie, strange and frequently spectacular.


Editors who are new in the field can take a note or two from this wildly amusing patchwork of one of the most influential films of all time. “The Green Fog” is in all shapes and sizes a recollection of Maddin’s love for cinema itself. The dreamy, hypnotic film is an experience that is worth sitting through. The film replicates cinematic breathlessness in its true essence. The frantic editing technique is often witty and razor-sharp, deluding the audience from the real trick in place. Remember Guy Maddin’s “The Forbidden Room“? Imagine playing it at 2x speed and you will still end up a little short of what “The Green Fog” feels like. It is best to witness it in all it’s glory first hand.

Watch The Green Fog Full Movie Online Here

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