Wednesday (2022), On Netflix: The Addams Family content graced our screens with its iconic theme song that stuck in everyone’s heads. Real-life and animated adaptations have also been around, but this take on a slightly older Wednesday provides a new direction to this unusual family.

It is dark, gothic, and can be branded as an absolutely deliciously savory eight episodes, with casting, acting, costume design (Wednesday’s black-hued uniform was just outstanding!), and Tim Burton combining to provide audiences with a wonderfully unnerving dark teenage sleuth story on a Wednesday. 

Wednesday (2022) Review

Wednesday (2022) Netflix

Audiences hoping that that song would feature may remain disappointed, but a snap at one point would be music to their ears and serve as a cue to utter the words, “They’ve creepy, and they’re kooky….”

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Burton ensures this ‘creepy and kooky’ vibe is retained throughout, partly achieved through the excellent casting choice. 

There are times when a glance at a particular individual leads one to believe that they are born to be cast in that role. We have seen it with certain characters, as the actor/actress has wholly owned it. But what about certain individuals appearing in other movies and being likened to completely different fictional characters? This was exactly the case when I saw Jenna Ortega in Scream 5.


I believed she would make a good Wednesday Addams but was too old as The Addams Family had always had Wednesday and Pugsley as young children. Hence, Netflix pulled off a coup when they green-flagged this spin-off on a young adult Wednesday who attends the Nevermore Academy. Getting audiences invested with a perfect casting choice was just one part of the puzzle. 

Looking at the part is one thing, and making it believable is another. Ortega, as her father’s “perfect little storm cloud,” makes up for the absence of Morticia with her repelling words and looks. This is visible right from her introductory scene, where her mere presence parts a sea of people in a corridor. Having a conversation with such a macabre individual would be unnerving, and after listening to Wednesday, everyone would be wise to steer clear – it is exactly what she wishes.


Her delivery of to-the-point dry, and frank responses is what will be considered wicked. There may even be instances of people using the ‘Wednesday’ style of talking and walking; Ortega pulled it off well.  

Writers Alfred Gough and Mike Millar do their bit with Wednesday’s dry, frank, and downright creepy responses, having the ability to make audiences go ‘Wow.’ Particular lines that come to memory include Wednesday’s response to the Nevermore headmistress’ instruction that the students must be well-rounded. She said, “I prefer to remain sharp and edged.”


Considering that Wednesday (2022) is set at a school featuring 15-18-year-olds, teenage drama, dating, jealousy, etc., was expected. Audiences got that, with some of it being genuine, while other instances are used for devious purposes. Anyone rolling their eyes and believing that this would be a CW-styled offering will be disappointed. The teenage shenanigans do not overshadow the central plot, allowing Tim Burton to really flesh out his nearly 8-hour story.


The eight episodes are closer to the 60-minute mark, but I didn’t feel it. Wednesday’s dry lines are expected beyond a point. Still, on the mystery investigation front, there is constant progress that is enough to raise questions, retain interest, and restrict you from pausing the streamer’s autoplay. 

What adds to this offering is the acknowledgment of social media. Numerous channels are named, and the manner of delivery on these sites has an amusing, yet factually correct, line. Punctuations seem optional, and social media is exactly what Wednesday says it is. Additionally, human emotions of concern, selfishness, and friendship also feature as characters rub off on each other. It shows character growth, without which Wednesday would have been a one-dimensional, bland, layer-less offering and a stagnant character.


Gwendolyn Christie (Game of Thrones’ Brienne of Tarth) is another prominent name in Wednesday. As the headmistress of Nevermore Academy, she remains neutral to the T, a challenging task considering Wednesday is providing her with reason after reason to get expelled. The commanding presence of her character provides Tim Burton’s series with the calming influence that it needs. In a nod to this character’s past, Christina Ricci (Wednesday Addams from 1991’s The Addams Family) has a meaty role in this film as a supporting figure to Wednesday. One may think that she is just there in passing with the way she is positioned as the dorm mom, but like Principal Weems, audiences can suspect her as well, thanks to all the hints thrown at us over the course of the first seven episodes. I even considered Enid as the mastermind for a bit. 

Wednesday (2022) TV Series Ending, Explained

Wednesday (2022) Netflix Review & Ending, Explained

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The ending saw a resurrected Joseph Crackstone stab Wednesday Addams in her stomach. However, she survived and then received a little wolfish help in the forest, enabling her to reach Nevermore Academy in one piece. Once there, Wednesday acquired a sword and confronted Crackstone. He used his staff to shatter her sword before a distraction from Bianca allowed the goth girl to deliver the killer blow.


Laurel Gates then showed up and tried to shoot Wednesday, but she fell victim to a bee attack and a stomp from Miss Addams. 

After Principal Weems’ death, academics were suspended for the semester, and the children were sent home early. Xavier handed Wednesday a cell phone to be in touch. Once in the car, being driven home by Lurch, Wednesday opened it and saw a text message waiting for her. Two images of her were taken by a Stalker, who also threatened to kill her with a creepy animation. She dropped a monologue about threads that were still open as police vehicles raced by the car. In the final shot, Tyler transformed and seemingly was about to break free from his capture.


Who was Laurel Gates?

Laurel Gates (a.k.a. Marilyn Thornhill) was the sister of Myles Gates, i.e., the person Morticia Addams killed when she was at Nevermore in 1990. The story showed that the Gates family was torn apart, and they completely disappeared until now.


Eugene, the beehive guy, opted to help Wednesday examine the cave in the forest. However, he decided to go alone once Tyler showed up and took Wednesday to the Rave’N dance. He saw a figure blow up the mouth of the cave, a scene that illuminated the surroundings for a bit. He was then chased by the ‘Hyde’ and left for dead. Eugene survived and spilled the beans about a red pair of boots to Wednesday, pointing the finger at the one person in Nevermore and Jericho who had such a clothing choice. 

Marilyn Thornhill, the normie teacher at Nevermore, has been there for just a year. 

How did Laurel Gates know Tyler was a ‘Hyde’?

The Gates family despised the outcasts (Nevermore students) and kept tabs on them to destroy them. When the sheriff married a ‘Hyde,’ Laurel knew of it and then put the dots together on abilities passing down from one generation to the next. 

She then befriended Tyler and confronted him about his mother’s identity, something his father kept refusing to talk about. This unlocked the ‘Hyde’ within Tyler and made him a slave to Laurel’s bidding.


How did Laurel know Wednesday Addams would attend Nevermore Academy?

She didn’t. As someone against outcasts, Laurel was after anyone from Nevermore Academy. However, Wednesday’s Piranha incident at her old school, subsequent expulsion, and arrival at the school for outcasts only aided her attempts to resurrect her ancestor (Joseph Crackstone). It also provided her the opportunity to rid the offspring of the one who destroyed her family—kind of like a lucky break for the undercover Miss Thornhill. 

How did Wednesday survive after Joseph Crackstone stabbed her?

Goody Addams was able to save Wednesday due to Morticia’s pendant that was handed from daughter to mother on the first day at Nevermore Academy. 

Who saved Wednesday from the ‘Hyde’?

Goody Addams gave Wednesday a life in the crypt, but Miss Addams was intercepted by the ‘Hyde’ and pinned on a rock at his mercy. A ‘wolfed out’ Enid emerged from nowhere and destroyed the ‘Hyde,’ leaving him battered and bruised. This wasn’t planned, as Enid hadn’t been able to wolf out up until that point.


How did the bees converge directly on Laurel Gates?

Eugene learned that Wednesday was in danger and returned to the school. As something of an outcast among outcasts, one believed he didn’t have any abilities. However, he proved everyone wrong with his ability to control the bees and direct a whole horde of the insects toward Laurel Gates. It was a sort of revenge for Gates instructing Tyler to murder him.


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Why did Wednesday hug, Enid Sinclair?

Physical contact was a complete no for Wednesday Addams. She even refrained from embracing Enid when she cleared her dorm room one last time. However, after having a brush with death, and going on the save Nevermore Academy, Wednesday realized it wouldn’t have been possible without Sinclair’s help. Enid intercepting Tyler in the forest was life-saving and served as a massive piece of assistance in Wednesday’s goals. Perhaps the uptight Wednesday recognized her friend’s actions and permitted the prolonged embrace, showcasing her evolution as a person over eight episodes.


Who could be stalking Wednesday Addams? 

Wednesday, Addams received messages on her new number from some unknown individual. They contained images of her at the cafe and in Jericho. The individual on the other end hinted that Wednesday would still be under watch, and Addams also hinted at Thornhill and Tyler being mere pawns. Could there be a real master manipulator behind the scenes? 

The unresolved threads could allow the makers to introduce some classic Addams family villains and let Wednesday battle them. Names that come to mind include Margaux Needler and Abigail Craven. Could this be someone jealous of Morticia Addams on the fencing team? Wednesday did say that she was so obsessed with her mother on the image that she overlooked everyone else on it, thereby missing out on Tyler’s mother’s presence in the image.


Mayor Walker is also an option, as Wednesday Addams is aware of his role in her family’s history. 

Will there be a Season 2 of Wednesday?

Xavier asked this question at the end of the episode. Wednesday spoke about the unanswered questions at the end. There is scope for a season 2; it could take place outside Nevermore and allow characters like Gomez, Morticia, Pugsley, Lurch, and Uncle Fester to feature more. 

Audiences may also like to see more of the Nevermore Academy, especially a new principal and the return of characters like Enid, Xavier, Bianca, Ajax, and Eugene. This may be possible as it will help maintain Wednesday’s evolution and trust in her friends. 

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