Though Idris Elba recently stated that he would be taking a break and focusing on his music career, the Hollywood star has been doing some really big projects as of late. After the success of mainstream attractions like the Fast and Furious spinoff – Hobbs and Shaw and DC’s surprisingly entertaining The Suicide Squad, Elba has become a star of his own accord. In that lure, Ryan Engle’s Beast puts the Luthur star in the driving seat.

Also starring in the Cannes premiered George Miller film Three Thousand Years of Longing, Beast is about Dr. Nate Daniels – a recently widowed man whose African vacation with daughters turns into a fight for survival when a bloodthirsty lion goes rogue.

Directed by Baltasar Kormákur the film also stars Sharlto Copley, Iyana Halley & Leah Jeffries. Beast recently made news when Idris Elba said that his daughter Isan Elba did not talk to him for three weeks because she was not cast in the movie.

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Currently sitting at 68% on Rotten Tomatoes, Beast feels like a perfect goodbye to the summer blockbuster season.

Where to Watch and Stream ‘Beast’ online?

Universal Pictures released it in theatres across the US and a few other countries on 11th August 2022.

Currently, Beast is available on demand on ‘AMC on Demand’ and for rent on Amazon, YouTube, Vudu, and Microsoft Store.  The streaming plan will probably follow the leads of other Universal releases such as Ambulance, The Northman & The Black Phone.

Peacock will be the streaming service that will pick up Beast after it completes its 45-day run in theatres. So, one can expect it to come online by October 3rd, 2022.

Watch Beast Trailer Here:

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Where to watch Beast

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