Trying (Season 3), Episode 6: With every new episode, the Apple TV+ series – ‘Trying’ stays consistent with its warmhearted appeal. Written by Andy Wolton, it sustains its compassionate approach just like its previous two seasons. While it primarily focuses on the journey of its lead duo – Nikki (Esther Smith) and Jason (Rafe Spall), throughout its run, it also gives attention to the snobbish banker-turned-writer – Scott (Darren Boyd). The series tries to humanize his character and show him beyond the snobbery he is consistently being joked about.

Trying Season 3 Episode 6 Recap

Trying (Season 3) Episode 6 is titled ‘Feeling are the Worst’ shows Nikki (Esther Smith) and Jason (Rafe Spall) speaking about Bev, grandmother of Princess (Eden Togwell) and Tyler (Mickey McAnulty), whom she meets the day before. Looking at her picture with the kids, they get puzzled why she would be following her. Jason thinks it might just be a coincidence, while Nikki feels certain it is not to be so. Later, when they meet their newly appointed council worker Noah (Karl Collins), they speak about Bev and whether it is allowed for birth parents to mingle with their lives in this way. Noah mentions that she might observe just out of caring for her grandchildren.

Meanwhile, Scott (Darren Boyd) and Karen (Sian Brooke) speak about the publishing offer that Scott has received. He rambles about the new-age publishing and how fast things have become, making it hardly surprising for him that he bagged this deal. She seems surprised by this sudden offer and unsure whether he deserves it or not. Her pessimism reflects through her conversation, so he asks if she can be more hopeful for his success. To make him not feel bad, she goes on to convey her support to him.

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Trying (Season 3), Episode 6

At home, Jason has a conversation with Tyler about the importance of being able to let go while saying goodbye to Tyler’s beloved lamp. Considering Tyler’s closeness with this lamp, he wishes to teach him a valuation lesson through this. Meanwhile, Karen and Nikki visit a shop (the one Nikki had brought Princess back to in the previous episode), where Nikki finds someone that looks like Bev. She sees this woman getting out of the store and follows her. Ultimately, she finds that it is not Bev but some other woman. However, since she runs out with some of the store items, she gets brought back by the security guard (the one that Princess got scared by) for shoplifting. Karen creates a tantrum related to pregnancy, where she mentions her worries about being a mother at her age and the anxieties accompanying it. It starts just as an act to get out of this problem but ends up making both the sisters emotional.

Later, when Scott reaches this publisher’s office, he comes across a radical, feminist female author that he admires and shares some words of wisdom from her book. White being a straight, white man, he tries to teach her her teachings! That makes up for a smartly constructed dialogue by the show’s writers – which gets interrupted by the publisher. He mentions Scott as an excellent satirical spoof writer, which bothers him. But he decides to go to the office. Over there, he is greeted with a proposal for his work to get published in the comedy section as a great satire.

The publisher starts singing praises for Scott’s invention of a white, snobbish character that his readers would be amused by. Another employee from the office brings in a cover page they had created for Scott’s book that shows him in the same light. Looking at it, Scott mentions how what he has written isn’t a satire and how the character isn’t a creation but himself. He says his work to be intellectually stimulating and does not wish to be considered comical. Due to this disrespectful mockery toward his work that is precious to him, he walks out of the publisher’s office.

Meanwhile, Nikki and Jason go for a meeting with Noah and Bev. They discuss Princess and Tyler’s future, where Bev mentions certain incidents that can harm the chances of Nikki and Jason being foster parents. That upsets Nikki, who rushes out of this meeting. Bev finds her and shares a box of cookies for the kids. Jason gets a chance to speak with her later, and they share a word about their meeting. During their conversation, he disclosed crucial details about their financial situation that could jeopardize them.

After that, Scott receives a call from Jason, who asks about the money he lent to get it doubled. Scott mentions that it has reduced from what he had given and shares his wisdom about moneymaking. Baffled by his stoic objectiveness in this issue, Jason becomes increasingly frustrated and shares the news about potentially losing his apartment due to the lack of money. He mentions how hard and expensive it is to be a parent and to raise children. That opens Scott’s eyes, which is about to be a parent. He understands the importance of money, which makes him return to the publisher’s office and ask to get the deal back on the table.

Trying Season 3 Episode 6 Ending Explained

Along with his father, Jason tries to fix Tyler’s broken lamp. After their unsuccessful attempt, they finally say goodbye to the lamp that Tyler adores. That is when Nikki gets a call where she is told they’re being rejected to be foster parents of the two adorable kids. She inquires Jason about the same, whether he met her afterward and spoke with her. She mentions that Bev knows the flat is up for sale and that Jason gambled all their life savings to recover it.

After this bitter conversation, we see Jason entering his details online to get accepted as a cab driver. Unlike other episodes, this particular one ends on a sad note. As a religious viewer, I hope nothing but the best happens for their family in the remaining season.



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