15 Must-See Coming Of Age Films Of 2017

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10. Haraamkhor | Director: Shlok Sharma

The central idea of Haraamkhor is readily controversial. A 15-year-old girl falling head over heels in love with his 35-year-old Mathematics teacher doesn’t really pave way for a story that the audience wouldn’t question at every other step. Hence, Shlok takes a bold step by showing us the progression of his film through the eye of two overzealous teenage boys. In doing so, he also shows an explosive and shuddering moment of self-actualization when everything falls apart and holding onto one another is the only gateway.

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9. Lady Bird | Director: Greta Gerwig

Using her incomprehensible maniac, radical energy, Greta Gerwig molds the generic highschool coming-of-age films with an astutely observed love story between a daughter and her mother. In her solo directorial debut, she washes over genre convention with a grand understanding of her environment. Gerwig’s Lady Bird works because it knows that a place (which we never give any importance to, least trying to escape it all the time) builds one’s character more than anything else.

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8. Wonderstruck | Director: Todd Haynes

Todd Haynes’s Wonderstruck is about braving the sadness that is constantly trying to make and shape you in a way whilst exploring what true love and compassion are really about. Shown through the eyes of two children who share common deafness, the film uses the single most beautiful (structurally and visually) way in which it examines adolescence and the constant feeling of trying to belong somewhere.

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7. Princess Cyd | Director: Stephen Cone

I would like to think that one of the essential parts in the process of growing up is, in fact, learning to understand that people have their own different taste, their own different pride and their own different and unique kinds of happiness. Stephen Cone’s Princess Cyd gets that feeling of understanding exactly right. Which makes this little film – A quite little wonder.

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6. Raw | Director: Julia Ducornau

French film-maker Julia Ducornau’s Raw is a chilling body horror about the compromises of growing up. Filmed inside the walls of a veterinary school, the film juggles complicated matters faced by a young girl from the likes of presenting themselves to the world to discussing contemplative questions which differ a human from an animal. The social commentary is however wrapped deep under a cannibalistic horror fantasy that will soon be hailed as a modern horror masterpiece.

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