Barry Season 3 Episode 6 Recap & Ending Explained: ‘Barry’s episode six, “710N” has hit it out of the park. After the initial drawdown in the first two episodes, the show has made a phenomenal comeback to give its viewers arguably the best episode in its history. The trend has been on an upward journey in the last few weeks as we see the main characters reinventing themselves. The writers have taken a different path since episode two, where the fates of Gene, Sally, and other ancillary characters were still quite connected to Barry. Now, we have seen them assume more importance in their own storylines. They also seem to be doing much better. Episode six has standout highlights, including the chilling chase sequence between Barry and the Motocross group; the use of BeigNet by Mitchell; and finally the meeting between Sally and Dawn.


EPISODE 6 – 710N

The Motocross group of Gerret Taylor, the marine who was killed in the last season in the desert, is advised by Fuches – under his alias Kenneth Goulet – to go to Barry’s address. Although they take the bait, they shoot him and leave him to die in the desert, Until a stranger picks him up. He takes Fuches to his goat farm where he takes a liking to Anita, the daughter of the strange man. The deja vu is so strong and convincing that Fuches turns down Janice Moss’ father who calls him about the details he had about her murder. The stranger even suggests a marriage between Anita and Fuches, as she likes him. But, when Fuches sees a newspaper clip of the article on Barry, he takes it as a “sign” from above to fulfill his destiny. He takes the stranger’s truck and arranges a meeting with Janice’s father.

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Nguyen is working hard to see the “unseen” details in the case. When he reassesses things, he realizes that the person behind Moss’ murder and the monastery debacle might be related and that it is someone with military-like training. He visits Chris’ (Barry’s friend whom he killed in season two) widow to talk more about Barry and her connection with the vets’ group. She suggests a dinner for all of them – kind of a reunion. Sally accepts an offer to join one of BanShe’s new project’s writing rooms to fill the gaps. The studio feels a “Sally touch” will make the show more palatable to critics and add a certain amount of gravitas to it.

Barry Season 3 Episode 6 Recap and Ending Explained (2)

Gene’s fortune takes a drastic turn for the good when he receives an offer to start his own show – The Gene Cousineau Master Class. An admirer of his also wants to put the show in movie theatres, as his agent reveals to him. The producer is impressed and touched by Gene’s selfless efforts to help a veteran and wants him to help more people like Barry. Gene puts a condition before he can sign: Anne (her erstwhile girlfriend, as we learn in the previous episode) will direct all the episodes.

For the rest of the episode, we witness one of the most well-executed, engaging chase and violence sequences on television in recent times. The gang discovers Barry in his car and makes attempts to kill him. Barry, first on his car and then on the dirtbike of one of the members, just about escapes all of them: except Taylor’s sister.


She follows Barry on her bike to a reused car-selling store. She jumps with her bike on top of the roof and starts shooting people through it to kill Barry. The store owner rushes in to fetch his shotgun and in two shots, kills the biker to applause and relief. Barry nervously walks out. It doesn’t seem like he was spotted. He reaches Chris’ residence very late. But surprisingly, none of the supposed guests have arrived. Barry starts the dinner while reading a news piece about the Motorcross group. He notices a business card with Kenneth Goulet written on it and Chris’ widow, staring at him. Suddenly, foam starts coming out of his mouth.

It is quite clear from the ending that Fuches had reached the widow as well. The suggestion of an idea to have dinner for the vets was a deceit to lure Barry into her house and take revenge for her husband’s murder. Although it is unlikely he will die, what will be interesting is to see how he will eventually escape.


I mean, I do not have any idea how Berg and Hader have managed to create a show like this. The colorful flavors of the genres it combines are so satiating to watch as a viewer that the episodes couldn’t come slower for us. ‘Barry’ is truly back at the top and reclaims its status as one of the best shows in the streaming universe right now. For once, it seems that the writers have figured out the perfect balance between the delicate way in which the story is poised, and how the show is positioned from a dark-comedy-led content perspective. The last two episodes have brought this beautiful contradiction in the aesthetic style back to the fore. It is sad that the season will get over in two weeks’ time. Nonetheless, I cannot wait for what comes next.




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