Barry (Season 3) Episode 7: Recap & Ending Explained

Barry (Season 3) Episode 7

Barry Season 3 Episode 7 Recap & Ending Explained: This was one of the weirdest episodes in the series overall, not just this season. Not from a humor perspective but from an existential one. Both Sally and Barry saw drastic changes in their fortunes. They have further been sucked into the rut that has hit them this season, especially the former. She is just not able to catch a break. There is a beautiful scene where she actually walks into “darkness” literally – a pitch dark room in her house. It was great blocking and use of lighting. But most of what happens in “candy asses” is not readily understandable. We are now only left with one episode in the season and things do not look like coming to an abrupt end. So is it too premature to get excited for and anticipate a season four at this point? Maybe, but we will keep going. Here is a quick recap and review of the seventh episode, “candy asses” in Barry’s happening season three.



What do you imagine a normal person doing when a person, previously a friend but now a sworn enemy, lies in front of you, dying? Cover that person’s face and run. That is exactly what Chris’ widow does. Barry, though, is alive. Or at least we think he is. Because when is able to recover and walk outside, he finds himself on the sides of a beach. The water comes dangerously close to the parked cars, indicating that it is something that he imagines. Or as pop culture and modern explanations of the afterlife are concerned, something he “experiences”.

Fuches reaches Mr. Moss’ house and gives him his card with Barry’s address on the back of it. Instead of dropping him off, Moss takes him to the precinct. He believes that it is Fuches who killed his daughter and this was a trick on his part to pass on the blame to another person. As he is arrested, officers talk about how he wasn’t the only one who said Barry was the murderer. Gene did too. Moss, hearing this, decides to pay him a visit to get answers. Nguyen too demands that he be allowed to talk to Fuches alone in the room with the cameras turned off. Sally starts her work in the writer’s room and stands up to the clueless showrunner on the first day itself to applause from the other writers.

Barry Episode 7

As she walks out, she notices Natalie also has her own show. The storyline is very similar to Joplin. Enraged, Sally corners Natalie in a lift and calls her all sorts of things. Things get worse for Sally as Natalie was recording the episode the whole time. Sally is fired from her job and goes against the advice of her agent to not post an apology. Sally gets even more frustrated when Lindsay visits her and accuses her of lying to her. Lindsay drops Sally as a client. Hank goes to Bolivia ins search of Critosbal but is kidnapped by Elena’s men.

Gene starts production on his new show. The first episode is a huge success and the producer is especially impressed. Gene also encourages Annie’s work, which does not go missing from the producer’s periphery. Barry is shown to be hallucinating, on account of the shock his body just went through after ingesting poison. Ryan Madison’s father, who was shown two episodes ago with Barry’s address, finds him indisposed. He takes him inside his car and sits there as the afternoon turns into night.


Mr. Moss reaches Gene and asks him about Barry. Gene maintains Barry’s innocence, a mix of pity and fear driving him to do so. A strange zoom shot shows us what Moss sees – perspiration on Gene’s forehead as he asks the question. Moss does not say anything and walks away. Barry walks towards the crowd at the beach and notices that the people are all his victims. It includes Chris, the biker Taylor, and the fallen Chechens. He then notices a thud voice from the skies. In the reality, Ryan’s father reveals that he has been going mad every day, seeing and hearing his son’s presence in the house. He commits suicide and Barry is then taken to the hospital as the body is discovered. Nguyen learns of Barry’s life as a hitman from Fuches. He walks out in a hurry, takes his gun, and has that look on his face that suggests an impending action of great magnitude for the series.


It might have been so that Barry died for a few moments and was then exposed to a sot of the afterlife. Other than this, there do not seem to be many more plausible explanations. The people he sees and the bleak aesthetic and surrealist look of the landscape also suggests so. This episode came as a shock as compared to the last one where the atmosphere was more cheery. We still haven’t been able to properly make out how the turn of events came about. All we know is that the finale for Barry’s season three will not disappoint and definitely point towards a season four. Fingers crossed for next week!



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