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Our exclusive coverage of the Toronto International Film Festivals.

Radioactive (2019)

Radioactive (2019) tells the incredible true story of physicist Marie Curie. It chronicles this women’s scientific breakthroughs and weaves in necessary elements of her personal life. One of the reasons …
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The Sleepwalkers

The Sleepwalkers (Los Sonámbulos) Movie Review: Who hasn’t been in a tense familial situation? A get-together with many varying eccentric personalities. An atmosphere with much brimming tension. So much that …
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Lucy in the Sky Natalie Portman

Lucy in the Sky was among my most anticipated films for 2019. After mastering the small screen with the likes of Fargo and Legion, Noah Hawley was making his feature …
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Knives Out Review

Knives Out When a prominent 85-year-old novelist is found dead the morning after his grand Birthday celebration, every one from his dysfunctional family to loyal staff present the night before …
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Ford V Ferrari

Ford v Ferrari was the longest film I watched at TIFF’19. Yet, it was the most engaging. Despite being driven by a simple and predictable story, it was the most …
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jojo rabbit

I barely knew anything about Jojo Rabbit going in, and wish I didn’t even know what I did. The film is a breath of fresh air and best taken in …
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