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Our exclusive coverage of the Toronto International Film Festivals.


Kosovo-born, LA-based writer/director Antoneta Kastrati’s ‘Zana’ is her feature-length debut. After a decade long career in documentary filmmaking, Kastrati dives into the haunting traumas of Kosovo war. The film follows …
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Henry Glassie Field Work

Henry Glassie: Field Work is more of an experience than a film really. An experience that is best described as an effort to translate somebody’s diary or travel log into …
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Ibrahim A Fate To Define

“The world was whole before we walked over it. Now it’s a fraction, with its variable denominator tending to infinity with each wall we build.” I originally wrote this quote …
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Whenever I have the chance to watch a short film, especially a very well made one like Delphine (2019), I am left with two resonating feelings: a deep appreciation for …
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Lina From Lima (Lina de Lima)

Nothing is more heartfelt than a mother doing everything for her child. In some cases, it leads to a heartbreak when every possible sacrifice is offered and the favor isn’t …
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Made in Bangladesh

Let me set the scene. You see a 23-year-old married woman working at the readymade garments industry in a third world country. Her toxic husband struggles to find work and …
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