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Toronto International Film Festival

Our exclusive coverage of the Toronto International Film Festivals.

Comets Georgian film TIFF 2019

Tamar Shavgulidze’s sophomore film ‘Comets’ (2019) unfurls at an unhurried pace in airy, pastoral villa, like an indolent and languid life in the idyllic countryside of Georgia. The time feels …
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Kosovo-born, LA-based writer/director Antoneta Kastrati’s ‘Zana’ is her feature-length debut. After a decade long career in documentary filmmaking, Kastrati dives into the haunting traumas of Kosovo war. The film follows …
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Henry Glassie Field Work

Henry Glassie: Field Work is more of an experience than a film really. An experience that is best described as an effort to translate somebody’s diary or travel log into …
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Ibrahim A Fate To Define

“The world was whole before we walked over it. Now it’s a fraction, with its variable denominator tending to infinity with each wall we build.” I originally wrote this quote …
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Whenever I have the chance to watch a short film, especially a very well made one like Delphine (2019), I am left with two resonating feelings: a deep appreciation for …
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Lina From Lima (Lina de Lima)

Nothing is more heartfelt than a mother doing everything for her child. In some cases, it leads to a heartbreak when every possible sacrifice is offered and the favor isn’t …
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