After winning the prestigious Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival, Bong Joon-ho’s ‘Parasite’ has become an award season darling. The Parasite script – which is a twisty drama about class divide has been in consideration for the Best Original Screenplay.

Earlier this year Bong Joon-ho had pleaded everyone who had witnessed the incredibly undefinable genre-twister to keep the narrative secrets to themselves. In a warm, heartfelt open letter he mentioned that every film deserves a clean slate from their audiences. Adorably mentioning Bruce Wills’s big reveal in The Sixth Sense he wished that every cinephile would witness the film first-hand. Now that the film has been acclaimed and seen by a major chunk of the audience, I’ve brought the screenplay for you. However, if you still haven’t seen the film I’d recommend you skip this brilliant piece of genre writing and come back with that big rock-weight of realization.

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Funny, engaging and smart are only a few adjectives that define the Parasite script. The crisp writing is constantly bewildering and surprising. There’s not a single minute wasted in unnecessary exposition. The metaphors are occasionally on the face but the narrative never loses its urgency and temperament.

A clear frontrunner for this year’s International Feature Oscar, the Parasite script is also being pushed up by film pundits. They are considering that Parasite might end up taking away it’s a fair share of surprise wins.  Bong Joon-ho who in an interview describes Parasite as a tragicomedy that depicts the humor, horror, and sadness that arise when you want to live a prosperous life together, has penned the screenplay with co-writer Jin Won Han.

Parasite is full of memorable scenes. The second act, in particular, has a killer back and forth when the underground family trespasses into the house of the rich. The scenes which follow tread the fine line of true absurdity and sharp social satire.

Download the Parasite Script Here

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