Directed by Joshua Butler, the latest Lifetime thriller “My Child Has My Doctor’s Face” focuses on the life of the couple Jessica and Dylan, who fail to conceive a child. The film never lacks the pace it intends to provide to the audience. However, the climax could have been much better. The cast, including Daniel O’Reilly, Natalie Polisson, Jason Tobias, and Kelsey Fordham, all stick to their tasks throughout the film as it turns out to be one of the most fascinating thrillers of Lifetime. The film is based on actual events. In 2023, more than 50 cases of fertility fraud had been reported in the United States. So, if you’re up for a thriller based on real-life incidents, “My Child Has My Doctor’s Face” is indeed a good watch.

Spoilers Ahead.

My Child Has My Doctor’s Face (2024) Plot Summary and Movie Synopsis

The film starts with Dr. Bellamy recording a video of his own in which he confesses that he has replaced his seeds with his patients’ husbands using Invitro Fertilization or IVF, along with a process called ICSI.  Bellamy is diagnosed with cerebral aneurysm, and he is given a 3-month period to live. He has lost his own son, so he takes a vicious process to leave a legacy behind when he dies. Being one of the world’s most renowned fertility experts, he is contacted by many women for IVF. He replaces their husband’s seed so that a part of him, whom he thinks of as his own child, always stays.

Later, we meet with Jessica and Dylan, who are depressed about the fact that they can’t have their own kids. It is perhaps because Dylan has some issues, and Jessica is eager to become a mother. Jessica shares her dream with Dylan of how she has always wished to be a good mother because her mother once said that she could be one. Seeing Jessica missing her chance of becoming a parent, Dylan agrees to do whatever is necessary to give her that feeling. Together, they come up with the idea of IVF. Since it is a costly process, they decide to do more work because they want to be parents no matter what.

Why does Jessica doubt Dr. Bellamy?

A good amount of time has passed, and we see Jessica spending time with her son, Henry, in the park. She goes to the clinic for Henry’s annual checkup. There, she meets with a woman who has an almost identical-looking child as Henry. Both of them are shocked for a moment while Dr. Bellamy intervenes in the situation. The woman leaves, and Jessica offers her gratitude to Bellamy because, without him, she and Dylan would never have Henry.

Later that night, Jessica tells Dylan about the weird incident at the clinic where she met with the woman who has a boy looking like Henry. Dylan also tells her that he never imagined that they could have a blonde-haired boy. The following day, while going through Henry’s annual health report, Jessica finds that Henry has the same blood type as her, O positive. However, when she asks Dylan about his blood type, he says AB negative.

Jessica casually looks on the internet about blood types. She finds a video of Dr. Bellamy, where he says that if any of the parents have AB blood type, the child will end up having either A or B blood group. Not only that, he also says that in the IVF process, a child with O blood group happens extremely rarely. Jessica starts to doubt if their son is exchanged with someone else during the handover process so she meets with Dr. Bellamy.

Knowing what her concerns are, Dr. Bellamy seems to be in a position of discomfort where he tries to avoid the question by delaying the whole process. However, when Jessica asks if there is any mistake or typo of any sort, Bellamy becomes passive-aggressive in his behavior as he denies the possibility of making any kind of mistake. Later, they conclude their meeting where Bellamy says he will personally look into the matter if anything is actually wrong.

What does Jessica learn from Sarah?

A still from My Child Has My Doctor's Face (2024).
A still from My Child Has My Doctor’s Face (2024).

On her way to the office, Jessica sees that a car is following her, and when she reaches her office, Sarah introduces herself. Jessica asks why she has been following her so she shares intriguing news with her. She says that one day, while her son was playing with her husband, she accidentally recognized the immense differences in the way they looked. She was more than sure that Emmett was not their son. Moreover, she confirmed that Dr. Bellamy did not use her husband’s sample because she had the paternity test results.

But, when she went to confront him, he suggested that the paternity test results were not to be trusted and that he would look into the matter. However, from that time onward, he has been ignoring her. When Sarah sees Jessica at the clinic both the mothers notice the resemblance between Henry and Emmett. Jessica has her own doubts, but with all the information Sarah has given her, she is not sure what she should do. Sarah gives her number in case Jessica wants to rethink the issue and do something about it. Sarah also tells Dr. Bellamy that he has powerful contacts, and without hard proof, it is impossible to get to him.

How do Sarah and Jessica Collect Evidence against Dr. Bellamy?

Jessica asks Sarah to meet her in a lecture by Dr. Bellamy, where she will show how he ignores them. Jessica witnesses that Bellamy does not respond to either Jessica or Sarah. Later, Sarah follows Bellamy to his house. Together with Jessica, they decide that to collect Bellamy’s DNA, they must go inside the house and grab something that he uses on a regular basis. A couple of days later, they park their car outside Bellamy’s house in the night, and Jessica goes inside the house.

Since Bellamy is very clean, it is hard to find any evidence anywhere. Jessica enters his office room and accidentally plays the video that we have seen at the beginning of the film. This clip is basically all the confession they need, so Jessica grabs the pen drive, the toothbrush, and a couple of things she finds in the bathroom. When she is about to leave the house, Bellamy comes home. Luckily, she was able to remove herself from his property before he could find her. However, while entering Sarah’s car, she calls her by her name, and Bellamy learns who is behind this break-in.

My Child Has My Doctor’s Face (2024) Movie Ending Explained:

Did Jessica put an end to Dr. Bellamy’s forgery?

The DNA result comes in, and the mothers are very proud of their efforts because this will evidently put an end to Dr. Bellamy’s forgery. However, seeing Jessica distant for a few days, Dylan has conducted a parental test himself and finds out that Henry is not his son. He leaves the house the moment Jessica comes with the DNA report to share the truth with him. Dylan thinks that Jessica and Dr. Bellamy had an affair, and he goes to confront him.

Meanwhile, Jessica waits outside the police station for about an hour, but Sarah does not come. When she reaches her place, she learns from Sarah’s husband that she was found dead in the morning. The police say that she was using opioids, and that is the reason for her death. Jessica realizes that Bellamy has injected the drug and killed her. She receives a phone call from Bellamy later that night saying that if she does not come to meet him, Dylan’s life will be in great danger.

When Jessica confronts Bellamy, he offers a blank check to cover Henry’s education and everything. Bellamy explains that he has an exquisite brain and so he wants to leave a legacy behind by producing as many children as possible containing his genes. He thinks they will just be as superior as him. He even picks the mothers to put his seeds. Furthermore, he sees whether the father is healthy or not so that the kid will always have a good routine. This is the reason why he has chosen Sarah and Jessica because they are superior women and their husbands are very fit regardless of their age.

Anyway, Jessica finally is able to inject the drug into Bellamy’s leg, which puts an end to his lifelong forgery. Bellamy is dead anyway because of his cerebral disease, but Jessica has stopped another woman from falling into his trap. It is, however, not clear whether he is dead right at that moment, as at the end of the film, we see Henry and Emmett playing together with Dylan. Jessica and Sarah’s husband share an emotional moment, remembering how Sarah was with them. The best part of all of this was that no matter whose son Emmett and Henry are, they are accepted by their existing parents, and all of them share a moment of joy together. Because, above everything, children like Emmett and Henry are the most innocent things in this absolute mess.

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