Not Dead Yet (Season 1), Episode 11: In the latest episode of “Not Dead Yet” Season 1, Nell takes a moment to reflect on her romantic aspirations while other characters struggle to break out of their mundane routines. Despite being a mother of two, Sam regrets missing out on fun experiences, while Denis pursues a career as a television reporter. The introduction of new characters adds fresh perspectives to the show. As the season finale draws near, we find the relatable storylines a refreshing change of pace. In Episode 11, we witness a rare glimpse into the personal lives of the characters.

Not Dead Yet (Season 1), Episode 11 Recap:

The episode begins with Edward creating an account on Green Swipe, a dating app for environmentally conscious individuals. When Nell questions his sudden interest in the app, he explains that by revealing his true identity, he may have better chances of attracting women who share his passion for the environment. Edward also suggests that Nell try using dating apps, as he believes it could benefit her, rather than wasting time watching true crime shows and eating junk food. However, Nell dismisses the idea, claiming she is not yet ready to meet people and finds the apps uninteresting.

Later, at the office, Nell confides in Sam about her plans to re-enter the dating world, but only for a casual fling without any serious commitment. Sam admires Nell’s new approach and supports her decision to pursue what she wants.

Meanwhile, Nell is excited about a new assignment given to her by Dennis, which involves writing an obituary for a German shepherd dog named Scout. Additionally, we discover that Sam desires to have intimate moments with her husband, but since becoming parents, they struggle to find the time and energy to do so.

As Nell becomes fully engrossed in writing about Scout, the dog, a new character is introduced in the show – James, a war correspondent who is assigned to cover a special section in Nell’s office. When Lexi introduces James to the team, Nell finds him particularly attractive and confesses to Sam that she may want to pursue a fling with him.

Meanwhile, Denis attempts to discuss the possibility of taking over James’ position with Alex in the event that he needs to leave for war journalism coverage. However, Lexi overhears the conversation but disregards Denis’ request. Later, we observe Nell subtly trying to catch James’ attention, which he appears to notice. Despite her attempts at flirting not being the strongest, the ghost of Scout seems to guide her. The dog’s ghost prompts her to take control of certain situations, such as smiling when James looks at her.

As Nell seizes the opportunity to flirt with James, they engage in small talk while waiting for the elevator. Eventually, things escalate and they end up hooking up in the office meeting room. Nell is thrilled with her newfound confidence and shares the details with Sam, who is proud of her friend’s boldness. However, Sam feels a tinge of sadness, as she realizes that she is not as quick as Nell when it comes to reigniting the spark in her own marriage.

Nell suggests that Sam and her husband join her and James for dinner at Cricket’s bar later that evening, where they can get sloshed with the special red wine. Though hesitant at first, Sam eventually agrees to the impromptu dinner, hoping it might help improve her situation.

Meanwhile, Mason pitches a story to Lexi, who appears uninterested in anything he has to say. Later, Denis visits Lexi and asks her to consider him for a role as a TV reporter. However, Lexi doesn’t believe Denis has the natural ability to be spontaneous on-screen. To test his skills, she puts him on the spot and gives him random news prompts to talk about in real-time. Denis struggles under the pressure, and realizing that he isn’t cut out for the job, he leaves feeling disheartened.

At Cricket’s bar, Edward is hopeful about finding someone on Green Swipe. Cricket encourages him to be more mysterious to attract women’s interest. According to Cricket, it’s important to reveal one layer of your identity at a time in real-time to stimulate engaging conversations and get to know the other person better. However, Edward is determined to find someone on the dating app. Meanwhile, Nell is excited for the dinner night with James, along with Sam and her husband.

During dinner, Sam and her husband make a pact to not talk about their kids and just have a good time. However, Nell notices their nervous energy and suggests they drink more wine to loosen up. As the night goes on, Sam and her husband become increasingly tired and drowsy from the wine, but Nell insists they keep drinking. Eventually, Sam gets a message from her nanny about their youngest child getting her hand stuck in the toilet and they have to leave immediately.

After Sam and her husband leave, Nell and James are left alone, and James seems to be enjoying his time with her. However, Nell is more focused on the fling than the actual moment with James and suggests they leave as well. The next day, Nell recounts her previous night’s experience with James to Sam and Denis. Scout points out James near Nell’s desk, who is trying to find a good spot to put the flowers he brought for her. Sam tells Nell that James has been texting her about meeting up after work. Nell feels uncomfortable and replies with a nonchalant response.

Not Dead Yet (Season 1), Episode 11 Ending, Explained:

What does Nell decide after meeting James?

During a coffee meet up, Nell and James develop an instant connection due to Nell’s quirky personality, but their differing perspectives on relationships soon come to light. James, who is often away covering war, desires to settle down and spend more time with a significant other. In contrast, Nell has not fully come to terms with her past relationship with Phillip and is not ready to pursue a serious relationship. Despite the chemistry between them, Nell and James part ways, with James respecting Nell’s decision. Reflecting on their conversation, Nell realizes that she needs to allow herself time to process her feelings, as suggested by James, but also not get stuck in a state of emotional numbness.

Next, Edward is thrilled to have received a right swipe on his dating app, which he excitedly shares with Nell. She congratulates him, and then takes a walk with her canine companion, Scout, as she is ready to submit the dog’s obituary. During the walk, Nell expresses her gratitude to Scout for being a great wingman, helping her meet James. As they sit together, Scout suddenly runs off, leading Nell to a nearby restaurant where she unexpectedly sees Phillip working as a chef. Nell is stunned and feels a surge of emotions upon seeing him.

On the other hand, Lexi puts Denis on the spot to fill in as a TV reporter, and he is taken aback when asked for his opinion on rising oil prices. After a moment of nervousness, he begins to blabber about a character in “Devil Wears Prada” who didn’t appreciate an opportunity from Miranda Priestly, comparing the situation to the increase in oil prices. To his surprise, the anchor is impressed with his unique perspective and invites him to return the following week. Lexi is amazed by Denis’ impromptu performance, and he is thrilled with the experience. The episode concludes on that note.

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