Movies like Ghosted: The recently released spy action comedy, “Ghosted,” starring Chris Evans and Ana de Armas, has shattered records as the most-watched movie debut on Apple TV+. Produced by the renowned Skydance Media, the film, directed by Dexter Fletcher (‘Rocketman,’ ‘Eddie the Eagle, ’ and ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’), has shown incredible response from viewers in spite of poor critical reception. With multiple critics calling it a story that was written by ChatGPT, it’s hard to really understand the pull of the movie.

Anyway, In “Ghosted,” Cole Riggan (Chris Evans) is a simple farmer who is smitten with Sadie (Ana de Armas), a charming woman visiting from England. However, their first date ends abruptly when Sadie disappears without a trace. In an attempt to win her back, Cole decides to travel across the continent to track her down and make her weak in the knees. But this simple gesture quickly turns into a wild and hilarious adventure, as Cole’s infatuation for Sadie leads him into danger, action, and unexpected drama.

If you happen to be one of those audience members who did enjoy Apple TV+’s Ghosted, here are some other movies that you might want to check out:

1. Mr. and Mrs. Smith (2005)

Movies like Ghosted - Mr and Mrs Smith

When it comes to good-looking people bickering with each other, Mr. and Mrs. Smith feel like the movie that began it all. What starts as a seemingly ordinary married couple attending marriage counseling as their marriage has become stale turns into a violent action-packed adventure when Jane and John (the couple) turn out to be highly skilled assassins working for different organizations.

John and Jane’s lives take a thrilling turn when they are both assigned to eliminate the same target, the infamous Benjamin “The Tank” Danz. Their paths cross as they are forced to outsmart and eliminate one another, consequently reigniting the passion and chemistry that had been missing in their marriage.

Now, Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Ghosted are movies that both feel similar because of the charisma of their leading stars. While there is no match for Pitt and Jolie, Armas and Evans manage to use their wits and charm to help you through a story that blends romance and action.

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2. Killers (2010)

Talk about movies like Ghosted (2023), the 2010 action-romance Killers by Robert Luketic comes to mind. Much like the Apple TV+ movie, Killers features a couple where one of them is not aware of the secret life their lover is living.

The movie follows the life of Spencer Aimes (Ashton Kutcher), a suave and charming government assassin who lives a life filled with adventure, luxury, and gorgeous women. When he falls in love with Jen Kornfeldt (Katherine Heigl), a witty and vivacious computer technician, Spencer leaves his dangerous profession behind and starts a new life with his beloved wife.

However, their perfect life is suddenly shattered when Spencer’s past catches up with him, and he becomes the target of a deadly hit. The couple finds themselves on the run, hunted by trained killers who have been stalking them for years. As they navigate through their way to survival, Spencer and Jen must also uncover the truth behind the attempted assassination and figure out who wants Spencer dead and why – All the way trying not to get done with each other.

3. Knight and Day (2010)

Another film that instantly comes to mind after watching Ghosted and possibly borrows some of the action sequences from is Knight and Day. The James Mangold film follows the story of Roy Miller (Tom Cruise), a mysterious and charming secret agent, who bumps into June Havens (Cameron Diaz), an unlucky-in-love woman, while they are both boarding a plane.

Roy, who supposes that he is being framed for a case gone wrong, takes June under her wing to protect her as they get pursued by the FBI and other dangerous enemies who are after a valuable and dangerous invention that Roy has stolen.

Like Ghosted, Knight and Day is one of those movies that uses its romance subtext to investigate how much two people can put their trust in one another.

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4. Mr. Right (2015)

Romance and assassins are such common things now that it’s hard to place when studios realize that the genre is coming to a threshold. However, since movies like Ghosted were all in fashion back in the mid-2010s, Mr. Right is another movie that comes to mind.

Starring Anna Kendrick as Martha, a recently single woman who falls in love with Francis (Sam Rockwell) – a suave assassin who is constantly in the limelight because of his expertise. When both of them get to know each other and have their first date, Martha is told how dangerous it is to be around Francis. But as they say, you get blinded in love, and death becomes a constant companion. Martha, in spite of the bad taste from her previous relationship, pursues Francis, and things get more and more twisted as the film continues.

5. The Spy Who Dumped Me (2018)

Basically, a gender-switch of Ghosted, 2018’s The Spy Who Dumped Me follows Audrey (Mila), who gets dumped by her boyfriend Drew on her birthday; that too via text.

However, with the help of her best friend and roommate, Morgan (Kate), Audrey decides to take it into her hands,  but little does she know that he is a government agent who is being hunted down by deadly assassins. Audrey finds herself getting into a game of conspiracy as people start investigating her for her ex-boyfriend’s whereabouts. Getting more and more tangled in the web, Audrey somehow finds herself in the midst of a lot of crossfire and with a mission to deliver to her ex’s contact.

Typically, The Spy Who Dumped Me is as basic as a film can get. Much like Ghosted, it is one of those movies that take all the possible turns you would anticipate. And the reasons and stakes never feel high, in spite of feeling like that on paper. However, the back and forth between its two leading ladies is enough reason to check it out.

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