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She-Hulk: Attorney at Law (Season 1), Episode 2: Recap & Ending Explained

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She-Hulk: Attorney at Law (Season 1), Episode 2 Recap & Ending Explained: She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is only one episode old but it has already made a lot of noise for better or worse. An MCU project getting attention from the audience is nothing surprising, but in the case of this show, things have been a little different. The show is still being review-bombed on IMDB and also getting lots of criticism from a certain section of men for being woke and feminist. Whether or not it is actually a good show is a whole different matter, but it certainly doesn’t deserve this treatment.

After dealing with the origin story of Jen and also introducing Titania in the pilot episode, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law has now introduced Tim Roth’s Abomination in the latest episode and the show has managed to put him in the narrative effortlessly.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law (Season 1), Episode 2 “Superhuman Law” Recap:

Episode 2 picks up right where the first episode ended. The world has found a new superhero, and they are calling her She-Hulk. Jen is not fond of that name but also feels good about using her power to save civilians in court from Titania (there hasn’t been name-dropping yet, though).

Jen’s phase of feeling good about herself doesn’t last long. In the same bar where people were chanting the name of “She-Hulk” and celebrating her arrival, she gets fired from her law firm by her boss due to losing the case thanks to saving the jury along with everyone else, and eventually, the case goes to a mistrial. Soon we see Jen trying for new jobs at various law firms but nobody wants to hire her and her superpower actually becomes an obstacle for her. Nikki keeps supporting her throughout the whole time, being a true friend.

A now unemployed and morally down Jen visits her family for a family dinner which also doesn’t go that well for her. However, her father takes her away and encourages her which makes her feel a little better. Jen’s fortune changes very soon when at a local bar she is offered a job by Holden Holliway, a famous lawyer, and partner in the GLK&H firm, the same law firm against whom Jen was fighting in her last case.

Jen gladly accepts the job but with the condition, that she gets to hire her own paralegal which would be Nikki. Mr. Holliway doesn’t disapprove of her demand. The next day though, she finds out that she got the job because of her “She-Hulk” persona and she is actually hired to represent the superhero client section of the firm. This makes her disappointed again but she goes on with the job with Nikki’s encouragement. She also meets Augustus, a fellow lawyer at the firm who seems to be very enthusiastic and friendly.

Jen soon hits another obstacle when she finds out from Holliway that her first client is none other than Emile Blonsky/Abomination, the same person who once tried to kill her cousin Bruce. Sitting in conflict of interest, she refuses to take him as a client but Holliway says if she doesn’t take Blonsky as a client then she doesn’t have her job. He suggests she meets Blonsky once before deciding. Following that Jen goes to visit Blonsky in the maximum security prison. She is surprised to find out that it’s just Emil who is not in her abomination persona. Emil doesn’t hesitate to talk about his tryst with Bruce and tells Jen that he was just following the Government’s order. He also blames his Abomination persona and further actions on the super-soldier serum. Blonsky claims that he chooses not to be Abomination anymore and even has made amends with all his victims by sending them Haikus.

She Hulk Season 1 Episode 2 Recap Ending Explained (2)
(L-R): Mark Linn-Baker as Morris Walters, Michael H. Cole as Uncle Tucker, Candice Rose as Melanie, Tatiana Maslany as She-Hulk/Jennifer “Jen” Walters, Tess Malis Kincaid as Elaine Walters, Nicholas Cirillo as Cousin Ched, and Elizabeth Becka as Aunt Rebecca Walters in Marvel Studios’ She-Hulk: Attorney At Law, exclusively on Disney+. Photo by Daniel McFadden. © 2022 MARVEL.

After talking to Blonsky, Jen calls Bruce to check if he is okay with her taking Blonsky as a client but Bruce doesn’t seem to have any problem with it. He says that he doesn’t hold any grudge and he is a new man now. He even mentions that Blonsky has sent him a beautiful letter along with a Haiku. When Jennifer asks Bruce if he is visiting anytime soon, he says that might not happen and we see him actually being in a spaceship.

Jen calls Holliway and tells him that she is taking Blonsky as a client. Holliway gets elated and asks her to put on the Television. Jen does that and finds out news about Abomination breaking free of prison and sees footage of him fighting someone in an underground cage.

In a mid-credit scene, we see Jen helping her family with daily life chores making things easier thanks to her Super Strength.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law (Season 1), Episode 2 “Superhuman Law” Ending, Explained:

Last week’s post-credit scene took the internet by storm as everybody literally lost it after knowing Steve Rogers/Captain America is not a virgin. However, this episode’s mid-credit scene is not likely to do much of that. The only thing it probably establishes is Jen’s love for her family.

Now, the ending. It was always clear that Abomination was going to be an important part of the show and his introduction has managed to do true justice to that. The final scene of him fighting in an underground cage is a direct tie-up with the Shang Chi movie (2021) where the same character was also shown fighting in an underground cage. This will probably make way for Benedict Wong’s character Wong to appear in the show. Wong has been a part of almost every MCU project in recent times and as the current Sorcerer supreme in the universe, his role has to be very important. It can also be assumed at this point that there might be a collaboration between Abomination and Wong for some purpose (might just be setting up the Thunderbolts movie).

But the biggest thing here again is not directly connected to Jen, but our own Avenger Bruce Banner. The spaceship scene was strategically placed and might as well be an indication of us finally getting the World War Hulk storyline from the comics. Too soon to land on a theory here, though.

Titania has not been introduced properly yet despite making a very impactful entrance in the first episode. In the upcoming episode, we are definitely going to see more of her.

And last but not the least, we don’t know how or when Daredevil will appear in this show but as of now, absolutely nothing can be speculated.




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