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Oscar Predictions 2016 | Best Picture and Best Actor in a Leading Role

The 88th Academy Awards is going to commence in less than 12 hours and there are two categories which I am really excited about and have an urge to discuss; The Best Picture and The Best Actor in a Leading Role. Here is my prediction and my thoughts on some of the nominees of two of the most important categories at Oscars:

Room [2015]: “The Boy and The World”

Lenny Abrahamson’s Room is poignant. Room is evocative. Room is devastatingly beautiful. There is a magic in creating a world in a child’s perspective. To capture and display the innocence, the purity, the sheer amount of confusing vastness of the world is no mean feat. Writer Emma Donoghue, who is also the writer of the book that the film is based upon, and director Lenny Abrahamson manage to do just that.

Oscar Predictions 2016 | 88th Academy Awards

88th Academy Awards Ever since the nominees for the 88th Academy awards surfaced, everyone has been anticipating who is gonna win and who isn’t. Even though the competition seems uneven this year,…

The 20 Best Non-English Films of 2015

2015 has been a great year for film junkies, specially for foreign films. Hollywood kept on churning sequels, super-hero films, and midst of commercial films they made few sensible films too . Though Indie films are saving grace for Hollywood, it is Foreign films that I dig the most. They seldom disappoint you. They have variety of films dealing with social, cultural, and political aspects of their native country. It is tad difficult to pick only 20 best Non-English Films from around 100 + Non English films I have seen in 2015. Time has come to buy DVDs and update your watch-list if you are fan of cinema in general. Here is the list of “The 20 Best Non-English Films – 2015”.

15 Great Performances of 2015 not nominated at the 88th Academy Awards

Every year, it is not possible to accommodate every deserving performances in the Oscar categories of Acting. A large number of excellent performances by Film Actors and Actresses have been ignored, overlooked, snubbed, or passed over every year, and this year is no difference. Here are the 15 Great Performances of 2015 not nominated at the 88th Academy Awards that are worth mentioning, and treat to watch on the screen.