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20th Century Women

25 Great Feminist Films That You Should Watch

25 Great Feminist Films That You Should Watch: This list includes films with female protagonists who have left an impact on me, moved me to tears, given me sleepless nights, and made…

Every Alfonso Cuarón Film Ranked

Alfonso Cuarón or Alfie as he is lovingly called is one of the few Mexican who is a power-player among-st the currently active Hollywood filmmaker. His movies are not only reaching to the widest number of people and grossing largest number of figures but also being critically acclaimed. He holds the position of becoming the first Mexican director to ever win the Oscars for the best director category- winning it for Gravity in 2014.


The Grief in Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity

Gravity Analysis: I think the hardest thing in life is to let go. The ability to move on from certain traumas of life is an inescapable void that often hinges on strands…

Roma 2018 featured

Roma (2018): Experiencing Spirituality Through Cinema

Roma (2018) is available for streaming on Netflix In all my time of watching movies, I have found that movies can be categorized into one of the following categories. The movies we…

The 25 Best Foreign Films of 2018

Despite the standard of Oscar-nominated films falling every year, the Indie films and International cinema did not cease to surprise us. We were bestowed with the great films from veteran film-makers like…