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Rojo [2019] Review – A Bleak Tale of Blood and Hate

Set in a time when life meant little in Argentina, Rojo is a bleak tale of what it means to have the nagging presence of death over your shoulders. In exploring a…

El Club [2015] : A Fall from Grace

Why would He keep His most humble followers away from roses and only push thorns under their feet? And in His ever expanding wisdom, how can He condemn His disciples to live…

Neruda [2016] : JIO MAMI Mumbai Film Festival Review

What makes Neruda a great film lies in the way Pablo Larrain & co-writer Guillermo Calderón playfully engaged us out of the biographic element, to present a meta, sometimes poetic dream of a storyteller. It’s a biopic that almost defies its own subject matter to become a subtle investigation of how and why a person decides to romanticize with words and phrases. Why he make his characters fall in love and above all, why he makes something so starkly breathtaking that even with low oxygen, the heart dies and resurrects on a white sheet of snow that has never ending lifelines.

From Afar [2016] : An obsession with longing!

From Afar might sound like one of those homosexual dramas about alienation and acceptance and while it is indeed that, the complexity of its central characters, mixed with the unpredictable nature of their reactions fuel a terrific psycho-sexual drama that never seems to allow all its cards to be seen all at once. The underlying themes of sexual and violent struggle that comes out from within the home act as a catalyst for surviving the world and also something that can hurt their present state in a way they would never expect. Both, Armando and Elder have a chemistry that works just the right amount. Vegas’s films greatest strength is how he takes up his title very seriously. This not only keeps one guessing but when the absolutely terrific final act happens, you are left gasping for answers that will never come your way.