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The mixed reactions to Lars von Trier’s The House That Jack Built

Lars von Trier has now released what may be his defining and most quintessential film, one that has become his most polarising (which is certainly saying something). If there’s a more divisive film from 2018 out there, I (may) like to see it. All I know is that von Trier is gleefully rubbing his palms together over the ruckus he’s ignited in the film criticism world with his latest offering.

25 Must-See Films at IFFI, Goa – 2018

The Jury at IFFI has been known to get into controversies due to their reasons to drop certain films. Like last year’s row of not screening Sanal Kumar Sasidharan’s Sexy Durga &…

The House That Jack Built [2018]: Astonishing Examination of Evil

A Lars von Trier film about a serial killer – what else are you going to expect from this? With The House that Jack Built, he is snugly in comfortable territories, working cinematic wonders with his filmic playfulness, this character study, and on-screen content that is deranged and disturbing to the maximum degree.

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Sebastián Lelio Picks 10 Greatest Films Of All Time

With 2017’s “A Fantastic Woman”, which not only won the Oscar for the best foreign language film but also featured in our yearly Top 50 Films Of the Year list, Sebastián Lelio…