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10 Films To Watch If You Liked Knives Out (2019)

The success of Knives out (2019) unraveled the magic of whodunit amongst the viewers and rejuvenated the dramatic elements of a murder mystery that occurs mostly within the confines of a huge mansion. Here are 10 other films that you should watch if you enjoyed Knives Out.

Lookback on Lumet: Equus [1977]

It may be easy to see why a film as indigestibly harrowing as this has been overshadowed by other Lumet films, but Equus remains an emotionally traumatic and dramatically overpowering highlight of not just this illustrious director’s career, but of all of cinema’s history.

Lookback on Lumet: The Offence [1973]

This film doesn’t shy away, but instead deeply examines the atrocities that police officers like Johnson witness on a regular basis, how it affects their psyche and their home-life, and how when confronted face-to-face with what seems like pure evil, these darker forces that have grown from within drastically take control.

Lookback on Lumet: The Pawnbroker [1964]

The Pawnbroker, released nineteen years after the end of World War 2, examines closely the life of a concentration camp survivor, Sol (Rod Steiger), who has been left in the US to his own devices to continue living.

Serpico [1973] – A Paradox Known as ‘Honest Cop’

“Serpico” (130 minutes) is an enthralling and intense character-driven crime drama, chronicling one man’s battle to improve the system by strictly preserving his own personal ethics. It must be watched for Sidney Lumet’s authentic portrayal and Al Pacino’s electric performance.

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