The Handmaid’s Tale (Season 5), Episode 10 (Finale): Recap & Ending, Explained

The Handmaid's Tale (Season 5), Episode 10 Recap

The Handmaid’s Tale (Season 5 Finale) Episode 10 Recap and Ending, explained: The season finale disintegrated hope as if it was a sandcastle overtaken by a raging sea. Nick Blaine opposes the most powerful men of Gilead to defend his loved ones surviving in the neighboring country. June Osborne and her family dodge the Canadians’ revolt against refugees without forgetting they still need to stand their ground for Hannah Bankole. Tying everything together is Elisabeth Moss, whose direction conducts events with certain poetry; after all, she always believed that suffering could be beautiful too.

The Handmaid’s Tale (Season 5) Episode 10 (Finale) Recap

In Canada, June Osborne receives a package with a bulletproof vest at home. She puts it on, informing her husband she is supposed to do a prayer during a Memorial Service that week. Luke Bankole approaches to check if the suit is comfortable, and despite disapproving of the current situation, he recognizes that protective measures are necessary to keep them safe. The next scene then cuts to a discussion between Joseph Lawrence and Nick Blaine. He tells his partner that Osborne was at the rally in Toronto, emphasizing she is not a target. On the other hand, the eldest downplays the attack by reminding him the protagonist recently participated in an operation to kidnap Gilead’s children. Blaine finally says that June is fighting for her daughter, but Lawrence insinuates she is risking getting hurt on purpose.


Janine Lindo and other Handmaids sing while scrubbing the floor in the Red Center. Aunt Lydia encourages them to continue, yet she recommends they change the ballad to a more appropriate hymn. The servant then approaches her colleague and expresses satisfaction with the group’s performance, mentioning Lindo’s good influence on them. Aunt Elizabeth takes the chance to warn Lydia that the Handmaid needs to find a new posting, to which she agrees. In the following sequence, the middle-aged woman proposes Naomi Putnam accepts Janine into her home. As she denies it, the Aunt hurry to explain that posing with Lindo would benefit the new values. Joseph is trying to reflect on the nation. Mrs. Putnam, however, fears she will be frowned upon since the girl is also the biological mother of her daughter Angela. Still, Lydia convinces her to consider the suggestion, ensuring she would serve as a model of forgiveness and grace.

The Handmaid's Tale (Season 5) Episode 10 (Finale) Recap
The Handmaid’s Tale: June (Elisabeth Moss), shown. (Photo by: Sophie Giraud/Hulu)

Mark Tuello stops by June’s house to inform her that a man has been arrested on suspicion of having started the terrorist act in the vigil. They go for a walk in the surroundings, and during the conversation, the Canadian mentions he attended nineteen funerals in five days. In response, Osborne shows empathy, replying she knows what it is like to be responsible for people and lose them. As the man gets into the car, the heroine heads home on foot when she notices another vehicle following her steps down the street. It lunges at June and knocks her onto the road, running over her outstretched arm. Once the driver backs up to crash the woman’s body, Bankole appears and pulls him out of his seat, knocking the armed man to the ground with a punch.

Aunt Lydia announces to Janine that Mrs. Putnam is thinking about having her in the house after she marries Lawrence. At first, the Handmaid declines the idea, arguing that she should not play that role again. The servant, in turn, stresses the possibility of Lindo seeing her daughter Angela, so the girl accepts the offer without further questioning. At the border, Nick meets Tuello, and they both head to the hospital where Osborne is held. Mark informs the Commander that Luke is stating the police, so Blaine decides to see the protagonist before her partner returns. Even though June is sleeping, he watches her for a moment and bids farewell with a kiss on the forehead. Next, Nick pledges to be an insider for Tuello as long as he promises to keep Osborne safe. The Canadian representative guarantees he will do everything he can to fulfill the agreement, taking the opportunity to ask why Blaine did not run off with his lover when he was an Eye. He responds there are already many people taking care of June and turns around, going toward his nation. 

Osborne and Bankole discuss their family’s safety at home. She suggests calling the police to guard them, but the man reminds her that the institutions are conspiring against refugees. Luke proceeds to blame himself for Hannah’s kidnapping, claiming that, this time, he will not let anyone hurt June. In the following take, Naomi permits Janine to be posted in her house for a trial during the period Angela vacations with her grandparents. As the Handmaid agrees, future Mrs. Lawrence adds that if the girl is successful, she will let her stay, though all interactions with the child will be overseen. Lindo thanks Naomi for the chance, so the bride invites her to appear in the photo shoot and leaves the room to get dressed for the wedding. A short time later, Martha approached Janine to tell her that Osborne had had an accident in Toronto. The Handmaid gets surprised by the news and questions the protagonist’s condition. The colleague answers that June is alive, finally assuring that she will not let anyone get away with it.

After the photographs, Naomi offers to show Lindo her room. She expresses how nice it is to have a familiar face around, but the moment she calls Janine Ofjoseph, the girl reacts angrily, attesting they will never be friends since Mrs. Lawrence is a horrible person. Suddenly, the Commander calls his new partner into another room, so the two part ways, and the focus returns to Canada. At Osborne’s house, Rita Blue informs that the truck driver who purposely hit the heroin has died. Considering the possibility of Luke being arrested or retaliated, June proposes they run immediately. He, on the other hand, accepts his wife’s suggestion only because she emphasizes they both need to stay alive to rescue Hannah. As the couple walks out the door with their bags, Tuello pulls over at the yard. The Canadian warns that if the duo goes to the airport, they will be arrested and, consequently, lose Nichole’s custody. In contrast, Osborne underlines that her family needs to protect themselves, so Mark advises them to be broad on a train that will take the refugees west. 

Nick rushes into Lawrence’s wedding celebration and surprises him with a punch in front of everyone. He proceeds to yell, “You could have killed her,” in reference to June, though the older Commander responds that it was not his decision. He awkwardly offers cake to his guests; then, the scene changes to a dialogue between Aunt Lydia and Lindo. The servant regrets the opportunity the Handmaid missed with the Lawrences, demanding she begs them for forgiveness. Janine refuses to carry out the order, but before the Aunt can change her mind, a pair of Eyes invade the room to take the young woman away at Joseph’s request. Outraged, Lydia tries to resist and turns out to be pushed to the ground as her protégé is tied up inside a small truck.


Tuello drives Osborne and her husband to the boarding point, where he gives them some instructions. The protagonist asks him to leave a message to Nick, saying that she and Nichole are safe, and makes her way to the platform. Arriving there, Bankole advises June to walk ahead in case someone recognizes him. She reluctantly agrees though she calls Luke as soon as she realizes the cops are searching the place. He asks his partner to go without him because she would not be safe if he stayed around. Osborne pleads with him to reconsider the decision, but Bankole refuses, assuring that one day they will find each other again like they always do. They reaffirm their mutual affection, so he surrenders to the police while she enters the wagon.


The Handmaid’s Tale (Season 5), Episode 10 Ending Explained

Commander Blaine receives a visit from his wife in detention. Rose opens up and accuses him of faking feelings for her, assuming he is still in love with Osborne. As Nick denies it, she insinuates he will never forget the former Handmaid, which the man admits to having tried. In disbelief, Mrs. Blaine states she does not want to be with Nick anymore and leaves the room despite the Commander’s counterargument.

Back on the train, June roams the wagon with Nichole when she finds Serena Waterford cradling little Noah in her arms. They greet and exchange smiles, contrasting the outcome of the first episode, where they are enemies. Given the new circumstances, they tend to join forces to ensure the survival of their gender. Although this is a men’s world, women crave to walk upon its ground, and even if now fear blocks their way, in the end, it will bow to the war born within them. 


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