There have been speculations about Robert Pattinson‘s choice as the batman for quite some time now. People – on both sides of the spectrum have canceled out and praised this ballsy move by Matt Reeves ever since he announced that the young actor will be our new Dark Knight.  Today, Reeves dropped the much-awaited teaser trailer for ‘The Batman’ and the DC Fandom it has been aimed for is ecstatic.

The production for The Batman has been shut down because of the pandemic but Reeves wanted to get the fandom synced up. Dropped at the DC’s FamDome virtual convention, this is not a pint-sized teaser that one would expect from an early tease. The two and a half-minute long teaser shows a dark, distant, and incredibly hopeless looking Gotham City. The violence seems to be a hard-R but that doesn’t take away anything from the wow-ness of Pattinson’s rendition.

Like always, Gotham City is running rampant with a crime where a mysterious, deranged force is trying to get to the Batman. Looking into a pretty young Bruce Wayne’s dive into Batman – the masked vigilantism is a clear indicator, this is definitely a sort of Epilogue to what Batman will become. There’s a clear indication that Gotham City hasn’t yet accepted him as their Dark Knight and quite frankly, some of them are afraid of him.

The teaser trailer also provides us with a smart look at some of the key characters of the film. Sans, Jeffrey Wright’s James Gordon, and Zoe Kravitz’s Catwoman. Somewhere down the end of the teaser you also hear Andy Serkis’ Alfred and Reeves has constantly said that these characters are just starting off, they haven’t become what the comic book later portrays them. The villainous antiques of the Penguin and The Riddler also seem to be on the edge of bursting into madness.

The most shocking and baffling part of the trailer, apart from the dark, violent edges is Matt’s portrayal of Bruce Wayne. He isn’t playing the playboy version of the business tycoon like previous versions of The Batman. The character is ignited into a gothic arena where darkness has seeped into him too.

The Batman doesn’t have a release date as of yet but the teaser implicates a 2021 release in a theatre.

Watch The Batman Teaser Trailer

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