Netflix, especially the Indian and US catalog has a long way to go when it comes to the representation of Southern India. Their regional listing is limited when compared to other OTT platforms like Amazon Prime and Hotstar.  However, the times are a-changing as more and more Netflix original films are being produced in the country. It’s likely that Netflix – The biggest OTT platform in India and the US will soon have the best Tamil movies in their catalog. The option that the Netflix app allows download will be helping these Tamil movies a lot. As of now, this always-updating list will lead you to the best of Tamil movies there are on Netflix:

1. Visaranai (2015)

Vetrimaaran’s Visaranai (Translated to Interrogation) is a hard-hitting and disturbing docu-drama about police brutality and corruption. In the realm of mainstream mannerism, Vetrimaaran tries to portray a realistic crime-thriller that is rarely seen in Tamil cinema. In doing so, he manages to investigate the troubling realities of law and justice system and how it takes advantage of the innocent.

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2. Super Deluxe (2019)

Thiagarajan Kumararaja packs a black-comical punch in his latest film ‘Super Deluxe.’ Burning questions about myths and conventional believes are triggered where absurdist characters are drenched in purposeful everyday stories. Featuring an all-ensemble cast that both tones and ups the drama all over, Super Deluxe is an ambitious, gritty second film from a director who is definitely seeking the escape of cinema as a tool to wisely make people better. Super Deluxe is one of the most interesting Tamil Movies of 2019 to land on Netflix.

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3. Merku Thodarchi Malai (2018)

Lenin Bharati’s Merku Thodarchi Malai (Translated to ‘Western Ghats’) is one of the most essential Indian films from 2018, making another step forward in the Tamil new wave. Investigating the life of landless labor whose quotidian life is thrown into absolute jeopardy, the film tackles how political emergence brings unwanted turbulence in a simple person’s life. Merku Thodarchi Malai (2018) is one of the best Tamil movies on Netflix.

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4. Power Paandi (2017)

Written and directed by multitalented Tamil star Dhanush, Power Paandi chronicles the life of an aged stuntman on his quest to reconcile with the lover he broke up with 30 odd years ago. While not as technically sound as one would expect, the film packs an emotional punch with a powerhouse performance from veteran actors Revathy and Rajkiran.

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5. Kadaseela Biriyani (2021)

Tamil Movies Netflix - Kadaseela Biriyani

Debutant director Nishanth Kalindini’s deliciously twisted black comedy, Kadaseela Biriyani, is set in Kottayam, Kerala, and follows three brothers who break into a rubber plantation to take revenge for their father’s death. However, their paths cross with that of the landlord’s son, who is a psychopath with nothing to lose.

Screaming with style and oozing original, pulpy charisma, Kalindini’s debut is shot like a breathtaking tracking shot. Almost all of its raw, real energy comes out to the screen in a way that hasn’t been in Tamil cinema for a long, long time.

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6. Oththa Seruppu Size 7 (2019)

Tamil Movies Netflix - Oththa Seruppu Size 7

Also known as Single Slipper, the 2019 R. Parthiban Tamil thriller stars the director as the one character in the film. Now a part of the Asian Book of Records and India Book of Records for having a person doing the writing, directing and the entirety of the production and acting in a film, Oththa Seruppu Size 7.

Using every possible technical convince at his disposal, Parthiban narrates stories within stories because he has been suspected of murder and has been brought into custody for interrogation. Making this one of those Tamil movies on Netflix that needs to be seen for the sheer gimmick of its experiment.

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7. Sometimes (2018)

Priyadarshan’s Sila Samayangalil (Sometimes) is the first-ever direct Netflix released Tamil film. This is not just a huge step for young Tamil directors who are trying to change the grammar of mainstream Tamil films, but also a huge boost for South Indian directors afraid to make chamber pieces that work entirely on the interplay of two or more characters rigged with a life-threatening situation.

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8. Sarvam Thaala Mayam (2018)

Rajiv Menon’s Sarvam Thaala Mayam a.k.a Madras Beats is an old-fashioned, inspirational musical that comes with a beautiful soundtrack by A.R Rehman. Working on the life of a Dalit boy whose dreams are larger than life, the film talks about the pursuit of art seen through the scope of a minority. The feel-good factor of this return to direction after 19 years, adds a shining gem to Rajiv Ravi’s filmography.

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9. K.D (2019)

You can’t believe your eyes when you see that director Madhumita Sundararaman takes a comical approach to this film, which in all its actuality is about the terrible southern ritual called ‘thalaikoothal’ (euthanizing the elderly because they are a burden). K.D short for Karuppudurai is a bittersweet road-trip movie about an unlikely friendship between an old man and a little boy.

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10. Jigarthanda DoubleX (2023)

Tamil Movies Netflix - Jigarthanda DoubleX

The latest entry in the list of Tamil movies you can watch on Netflix would be the spiritual sequel of 2014 Siddharth starter Jigarthanda. Much like the first film, Karthik Subbaraj – who has been well known for mending the celluloid to a homage the medium itself, cleverly mashes spaghetti western with his own idea of a political film.

The new film is dense with plot that you sometimes forget that this is, in fact another swing at meta-fiction that is so self-aware and self-refrential that you simply can’t ignore where it comes from and where it wants to go. This is a tale about cinema, politics and the politics or cinema. Since there’s a constant juggle between hero and the duality if his existence within and outside the frame. This is a must-see if you can sit through the frustrating first 30-minutes.

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11. Mandela (2021)

Tamil Movies Netflix - Mandela

Talking about Tamil satires, one can’t simply not recommend the brilliant Mandela by Madonne Ashwin. The cheeky premiere of the film makes it all the more intriguing, funny, and relevant. The film follows the story of a small village where two opposing political parties are fighting against one another. The twist of fates happens when there is a tie in the local election, and the deciding vote comes down to an underprivileged barber.

In a time and place where cast politics is the name of the game, this deciding factor falling up on a person who is defined by his cast puts a strange spin on the entire enterprise. The comic timing and satirical jabs are carefully placed and never take over the narrative, making the film flow in a rhythm that is easy for everyone to grasp and take home.

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12. Natchathiram Nagargiradhu (2022)

Nathchathiram Nagargiradhu is a film that oozes audacious energy from the get-go. After all, it’s a film that wants us to understand the politics of love or the anti-politics of love. Basically, through these intriguing characters surrounded by art, Pa. Ranjith cleverly holds a powerful commentary about love not having any gender, cast, or other agendas attached to it.

The film is a tad bit dialogue-heavy and does not land the punch it sets out to but the craft at display is wonderful. The intercutting of multiple characters to tell a story that isn’t distilled with some kind of filter is as fresh as anything can get at this point.

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13. Roja (1992)

Tamil Movies Netflix - Roja

Now, coming to the 1992 Mani Ratnam movie Roja, I have to confess that this does not necessarily hold up in the new generation. There are hints of islamophobia and jingoism that can be seen through a very different and odd lens now, but I have still put this in a list of Tamil Movies you need to see on Netflix because of the sheer nostalgia it holds for me.

As a child, the film used to play on the television every republic or independence day, and the entire romantic thriller arc of an innocent girl from Tamil Nadu trying to find her husband who is kidnapped by militants during an undercover op in Jammu and Kashmir remains unforgettable.

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14. Taramani (2017)

Taramani is set against the urban backdrop of Chennai, revolving around the lives of Althea Johnson, a young Anglo-Indian single mother, and Prabhunath, a rugged young man. Their paths intersect one rainy evening under an abandoned bus stop, leading to an unexpected friendship. Prabhu opens up to Althea, delving into his past relationship with Sowmya and the emotional wound it left him with. Althea, on the other hand, discloses her own struggles, including a failed marriage due to her husband’s hidden sexuality. The story takes a turn; the two grappling with their pasts, find solace and companionship in each other’s company.

Now, director Ram should be lauded here because he skillfully creates a narrative that balances a satirical tone with its more poignant themes of globalization, democracy, societal nuances, hypocrisy, ego, desire, and varied lifestyles. Making Taramani and interesting film to dive into.

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15. Andhaghaaram (2020)

Andhaghaaram (2020)

Andhaghaaram weaves together the seemingly disparate lives of three men in Chennai, unveiling a sinister connection that transcends the boundaries of life and death. Dr. Indran, a renowned psychiatrist, survives a near-fatal attack that claims his family, leading him down a dark path of revenge and manipulation. Selvam, an honest blind man with occult knowledge inherited from his father, struggles to maintain his family mansion and becomes entangled in a ritual with unintended consequences. Meanwhile, Vinod, a guilt-ridden cricket coach, grapples with the mysterious death of his best friend Pradeep, whose mental disorder originated from a gift related to the occult.

Employing a non-linear structure, director V. Vignarajan cleverly establishes the connection between these stories, which run for approximately 60 minutes each, making for a gripping watch.

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