10 Must-See TV Shows in June 2023

Best TV Shows June 2023 - The Crowded Room

Get ready for an exciting summer of binge-watching as June 2023 arrives with a wave of new TV shows on your favorite streaming services. Whether you’re a fan of returning favorites or eagerly anticipating debuts, this month has something for everyone. 

Max brings back the beloved characters of “And Just Like That,” while Netflix will be hosting the conclusion to its beloved and relatable “Never Have I Ever.” Hulu adds a pinch of spice and eagerness to the list with the return of “The Bear” for a second round. 

But that’s not all! Prepare for the filthy and controversial Max debut of “The Idol” after its premiere at the recently concluded Cannes Film Festival. Additionally, the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s next step in making its mythical world more interesting will be seeing the return of Nick Fury in Disney+’s show “Secret Invasion.” 

With genres ranging from everyone’s favorite crime mysteries to romantic comedies that will tickle your funny bone, here are 10 TV Shows you can’t afford to miss in June 2023: 

1. The Idol

TV Shows June 2023 - Idol

Created by Sam Levinson (known for HBO’s Euphoria), The Idol stars Abel “The Weeknd” Tesfaye and Lily-Rose Depp and centers around a renowned celebrity who experiences a nerve-wracking breakdown, derailing her highly anticipated tour.

Determined to reclaim her status as a pop star, she crosses paths with Tedros (played by Tesfaye), a nightclub owner with a fascinating backstory. 

Already in controversy due to its portrayal of the industry, The Idol should be a treat for audiences for various reasons. The series marks the small-screen debut of Jennie from the sensational K-pop group Blackpink alongside Troye Sivan.

Release Date: Premieres June 4th, then Weekly Episodes
Platform: Max (formerly HBO Max)

2. Based on a True Story

Reminiscent of the hit show “Only Murders in the Building,” this delightful comedy follows a pair of bumbling podcasters-turned-amateur sleuths. Kaley Cuoco, known for her brilliant performance in “The Flight Attendant,” teams up with the charismatic Chris Messina from “The Mindy Project” and “The Sinner,” portraying a Los Angeles couple eagerly awaiting the arrival of their first child.

However, their lives take an unexpected twist when they cross paths with an individual they believe could be the infamous West Side Ripper, a notorious serial killer. To solve their financial woes, the couple concocts a plan to recruit the suspect for their podcast, hoping to ignite the public’s interest. But as they embark on their audacious podcasting dream, blending comedy with a gripping murder mystery, questions arise. Is their suspect truly the elusive killer, or have they stumbled upon a wild goose chase?

Release Date: All Episodes out on June 8th
Platform: Peacock

3. The Crowded Room

Best TV Shows June 2023 - The Crowded Room

Far removed from his Spider-Man persona, Tom Holland plays the meek high school student Danny Sullivan, whose life takes a dark and haunting turn when he becomes embroiled in a shooting incident that leads to his arrest.

As the story unravels, we discover that Danny has connections to multiple individuals who have mysteriously vanished, and the narrative seamlessly weaves between his tormented past and his tumultuous present.

Navigating themes of abuse and trauma, The Crowded Room is one of the most anticipated TV Shows in June 2023 and features a stellar cast that adds immense depth to the storyline. Amanda Seyfried, known for her exceptional performances in “The Dropout” and “Mank,” portrays a psychologist who delves deep into Danny’s psyche, while Emmy Rossum (Shameless) brings his troubled mother to life with remarkable nuance.

Release Date: 3 Episode Premiere on June 9th, then Weekly
Platform: Apple TV+

4. Secret Invasion

Set within the vast Marvel Cinematic Universe, the story unfolds in the present day as Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) uncovers a covert plot to invade Earth orchestrated by a faction of shapeshifting Skrulls. In a race against time, Fury rallies his trusted allies, including the resourceful Everett Ross (Martin Freeman), the formidable Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders), and the enigmatic Skrull Talos (Ben Mendelsohn), who has made Earth his home.

As tensions escalate and the fate of humanity hangs in the balance, this extraordinary team must unite its skills, knowledge, and unwavering determination to thwart the imminent Skrull invasion. Featuring an all-star ensemble cast, including Ben Kingsley, Charlayne Woodard, Killian Scott, Samuel Adewunmi, Dermot Mulroney, Christopher McDonald, Katie Finneran, and Don Cheadle, the series is set to deliver an unparalleled blend of action, intrigue, and unexpected twists, making it one of the most anticipated TV Shows of June 2023.

Release Date: Premieres June 21st, then Weekly Episodes
Platform: Disney+

5. The Bear

Last season’s breakout hit, The Bear, returns with another effortless blend of personal drama, comedy, and heart-pounding tension within the walls of a struggling Chicago restaurant this June 2023. Even if you’ve never worked in the culinary industry, the intense kitchen scenes could leave you anxiously gripped.

In a bold and audacious move this season, Carmy, portrayed by the talented Jeremy Allen White, takes the reins of the sandwich shop he inherited from his brother. Little did he know that his brother had concealed suspicious amounts of cash in cans cleverly disguised as tomatoes. With a newfound vision, Carmy transforms “The Beef” into the sophisticated and upscale establishment known as “The Bear.” 

Returning alongside White is the brilliant Ayo Edebiri, reprising her role as the gifted young chef, Sydney. Ebon Moss-Bachrach will be seen playing Carmy’s unreliable Cousin, Richie.

Adding to the intrigue, Molly Gordon joins the cast in a new role as a woman from Carmy’s enigmatic past. As the story unfolds, expect nothing to go smoothly. Turmoil and unexpected twists abound, testing Carmy’s resilience at every turn. 

Release Date: All Episodes out on June 22nd
Platform: Hulu

6. Hijack

TV Shows June 2023 - Hijack

When a flight from Dubai to London is hijacked, fate takes an unexpected turn for the criminals involved. Enter Idris Elba in a truly heroic role as Sam Nelson, a brilliant business negotiator who becomes the passengers’ beacon of hope. With his unwavering determination and sharp instincts, Nelson embarks on a daring mission to outwit the hijackers and protect those onboard.

Spanning seven heart-pounding episodes that unfold in real-time over the course of the seven-hour flight, the series masterfully toggles between the intense atmosphere onboard the plane and the gripping action taking place on the ground.

Release Date: 2 Episode Premiere on June 28th, then Weekly
Platform: Apple TV+

7. I’m a Virgo

The genius of Boots Riley is back. Following the audacious success of “Sorry to Bother You,” Riley’s new creation promises to be a daring blend of inventiveness, humor, and poignant political relevance.

I’m A Virgo follows the extraordinary story of Cootie (Jharrel Jerome), a young man who stands an astonishing 13 feet tall. Sheltered within the confines of his Oakland, CA, home for his entire life, Cootie embarks on a transformative journey as he ventures out into the world.

Cootie’s status as an outsider becomes the catalyst for the series’ profound social resonance, delving into themes of identity, acceptance, and the power of individuality. In a world that often seeks to conform, Cootie’s extraordinary stature and perspective shed light on the complexities of societal norms.

Release Date: All Episodes out on June 23rd
Platform: Prime Video

8. Somewhere Boy

TV Shows June 2023 - Somewhere Boy

From the moment tragedy struck, young Danny’s life took a haunting turn. As a mere baby, he tragically lost his mother in a devastating car crash. Consumed by grief, his father’s fear spiraled out of control, leading him to seclude Danny within the confines of their home. Enshrouded in darkness, his father’s voice echoed through the halls, whispering tales of a menacing world teeming with monsters, a place that had claimed his beloved mother.

Locked away from the outside world, Danny’s existence became a delicate balance between sheltered safety and the yearning to discover the truth that lay beyond his sheltered walls. With each passing day, he grew curious, his spirit brimming with questions that demanded answers. What lies beyond his confined existence? Are the monsters his father spoke of real, or are they merely figments of a troubled mind?

Release Date: All Episodes out on June 7th
Platform: Hulu

9. Black Mirror

TV Shows June 2023 - Black Mirror Season 6

Black Mirror emerges back after a four-year hiatus for its sixth season. Returning at a time when concerns about technology and artificial intelligence loom larger than ever, this iconic anthology series promises to deliver another round of dystopian tales that resonate with our contemporary fears.

While not much is known about the new season that will feature five new stories, Netflix has unveiled the titles and stars of the upcoming season. Among the lineup is “Joan is Awful,” a meta-tale that takes an ordinary woman on an astonishing journey as she discovers that her own life has been transformed into a streaming series, portrayed by none other than the mesmerizing Salma Hayek. 

Aaron Paul takes center stage in “Beyond the Sea,” transporting viewers to an alternate 1969 where his character finds himself in a world turned upside down. Meanwhile, Zazie Beetz will be portraying a troubled celebrity relentlessly pursued by the insatiable paparazzi as the dark side of fame unfolds in “Mazey Day. “ The other two episodes have been kept secretive, and this only makes it one of the most anticipated TV Shows to watch out for in June 2023. 

Release Date: TBA, but All Episodes will be out in June
Platform: Netflix

10. The Full Monty

Prepare to reunite with the beloved gang from the 1997 British hit film in this series that serves as a heartfelt sequel to their unforgettable story. Set 25 years later, the show seamlessly picks up where we left off, navigating the passage of time through the lens of “seven prime ministers” and “eight Northern regeneration policies.”

However, this time around, our steel-worker-turned-strippers have shed their dancing shoes and embarked on a new chapter that immerses us in the rich tapestry of their lives. Embracing a heartwarming soap opera style intertwined with playful comedy, the series unveils the complexities of their daily struggles in a rapidly changing world.

Release Date: All Episodes out on June 14th
Platform: Hulu

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