Episode 8 of Dark Matter gets extremely chaotic after we sense that the multiverses have collapsed because of the choices these verse-jumping characters have made. The glimpse we got in the last episode’s ending creates more troubles for Jason 2, who tries his best to save what he has fought so hard to keep in check. The real Jason, on the other hand, has to navigate a confusing mix of paranoia and anxiety as he tries his best to get back to his family.

That said, the episode does feel a tad bit convoluted, with some of the narrative threads and happenings not making much sense if you look at it closely. In the following article, we will examine everything that happens in Episode 8 of Dark Matter. Please be aware that this is going to be full of spoilers. 

Dark Matter Episode 8 “Jupiter” Recap: 

The episode opens with Jason 2 being attacked by a different Jason as he is out of the house to take out the trash. This is not Jason 3 or the real Jason because he is dressed a bit differently. However, when he attacks Jason 2 with the knife that he must have bought like the other two Jasons, Jason 2 is able to get the better of him, hitting his head on the ground and killing him. Jason 2 then takes the body to his garage in order to keep his secret from slipping away. 

On the other hand, Daniela visits Ryan at his home after his girlfriend does not sound very good on the phone. Please note that this is not Ryan from the central world (Daniela’s world), and we can clearly see that she can make sense of that. This Ryan claims to be a mechanic and only remembers being flat-out drunk after a man came in and bought him some shots. Something clicks in Daniela’s mind, and she shows him Jason’s picture on her phone, asking if this was the man who got him drunk. Ryan agrees to it, prompting Daniela to doubt her husband yet again. 

Meanwhile, the real Jason takes the tools he has bought and checks into a hotel. However, as he is going out, he notices another Jason (possibly Jason 3, who we saw at the end of the last episode) in the alleyway, dressed almost exactly like him. Jason 3 then follows Jason 1 around; we can see that he is not trying to kill him but only following him. Jason 1 is able to slip away from him right on the turn of his local pub. However, when he enters the pub and orders a drink, we see another Jason (at this point, let’s not label the Jasons with a number) with his exact same order already sitting in one of the booths. This is the point where I feel the convoluted nature of the episode sets in. I mean, we see the pub owner notice the two Jasons in his pub, but he just gives them a look and doesn’t ask Jason anything. 

How are there multiple Jasons in the central world?

So, instead of running away, the real Jason sits down with Jason in the pub. He enquires about when he arrived in the world, and the two of them talk about why there are so many Jason’s running awry. The Jason in the pub has a slight bruise on his forehead, but other than that, he thinks, feels, and talks almost like the real Jason. The two of them together figure out that every decision that was made in the Box by the real Jason created an alternate trajectory for a different Jason, who then chose a different world and door before eventually leading to this version of Chicago. 

So basically, at this point, there are an infinite number of Jasons because every choice that the real Jason made created a different Jason; however, every choice the new Jason made also created another Jason. Assuming that a lot of them got lost, died, or ran out of ampules, there is still a possibility that there are at least a dozen Jasons who are now in the central world.

After their little discussion, the real Jason leaves, but not before Jason in the pub warns him that he would do anything to get back to his family, including harming all the Jason 1s. 

Knowing that there’s a lot of competition for him to get back to his family, the real Jason decides to do something truly bizarre. The next day, he walks into a local diner, eats his breakfast, and creates a scene by lighting a cigar in a non-smoking restaurant. The police officer who comes in to take him is Dawn (the one who shot Daniela in Jason 2’s world). 

Dark Matter Episode 8 Ending
A still from Dark Matter Episode 8.

Meanwhile, Daniela, who is doubtful of Jason 2 now more than ever, questions him about Ryan, and when he lies again, she decides to go to the storage unit and breaks in. Jason 2, on the other hand, is adamant about her not taking the Civic (he has the body of the Jason he killed in the trunk). So, he drives Charlie off to school, but when Charlie insists on taking him to visit the University of Chicago, he decides to drive him there.

While he is showing Charlie around, another one of Jason 1’s versions starts to follow him around. Jason 2 tries to put him off his scent but this Jason 1 version is persistent. So, after luring him to the library, Jason 2 fights him off into a bathroom and is able to kill him, too. He, however, can’t take his body out like the first one, so he places him in one of the stalls of the bathroom, possibly risking getting caught now. 

In the storage unit, Daniela discovers cash of different kinds (possibly from different worlds that Jason 2 has been to), a whole box of ampules (after Jason 2 claimed that he did not have any more left), and Ryan’s (the mechanic) uniform. As she is trying to piece things together, she gets a call from the police station. When she gets to the station, furious at Jason (assuming that it is Jason 2 and not her real husband), she wants him to spit at least one honest thing to her after all her lies. The real Jason is surprised to see that Daniela is also slowly figuring out that there’s something wrong with him (Jason 2 in this case). So, he speaks his truth about being kidnapped by Jason 2. Danila doesn’t believe him, so he asks her to call him (Jason 2). He asks her to feed Jason 2 a lie, and if he agrees to her, that means that he is not his husband and he (the real Jason) is not lying. 

When his proof works, he also tells her that, other than Jason 2, many other Jasons have also come to this universe, so they will need a safe word when they meet next. Daniela gives him the word ‘Jupiter’ and rushes home because Jason 2 had asked her to come home immediately. 

Dark Matter Episode 8 “Jupiter” Ending, Explained: 

Is the real Jason able to reunite with his family?

When she reaches home, she finds that Jason 2 has asked Charlie to pack a bag, deciding to leave for good. He has made another lie about some kind of issues with Leighton and money and instructs Daniela to urgently pack a bag too. In a tense scene, Daniela goes to the living room with Jason 2 over her head and messages Charlie about the danger they are in. Jason 2 almost catches her in the act, but then she diverts his attention to helping her with her suitcase, which is in the basement. As Jason 2 enters the basement door, she pushes him down the stairs, making him unconscious. She thenrushes out to Charlie’s car, asking him to drive away. However, only a block away, they are cut by Jason’s car. 

Assuming that it is the real Jason, Daniela asks Charlie to leave their car and get into the one Jason is driving. However, as soon as he starts driving, Jason starts again to tell Daniela about how Jason 2 kidnapped him. Daniela realizes that she has made a mistake and asks Jason to pull over. However, before he can do it, they are hit by another fast-moving car that is also been driven by another version of Jason. 

The ending of Dark Matter Episode 8 finds Daniela and Charlie rushing out of the car and running towards ‘The Bean,’ the meeting place that the real Jason has asked her to come to. Daniela asks Jason to confirm the safe word, and when he says Jupiter, we see the family finally reuniting again as Jason hugs Charlie. 

Now, coming to what we can expect from the finale, there are a few things that could possibly happen. Jason will try his best not to let his family slip away from him again. However, knowing how persistent Jason 2 could be, we can assume that once he is out of the basement, he will do everything in his power, including altering everything in the multiverse to get what he wants. As far as the different versions of Jason are concerned, they are going to become a bigger threat to both Jason and Jason 2 now. 

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