Eliza Hittman’s abortion drama premiered last year at the Sundance Film Festival. Following its incredible reception, it competed for the Golden Bear at Berlinale, where it won the prestigious Silver Bear Grand Jury Prize. Now that it’s Oscar season, the script of Hittman’s Never Rarely Sometimes Always is up for consideration.

Courtesy of Focus Features, the Never Rarely Sometimes Always screenplay follows 17-year-old Autumn Callahan (Sidney Flanigan) who finds out that she is pregnant. Unable to get an abortion in Pennsylvania she decides to go to New York City with her cousin and co-worker Skyler (Talia Ryder).

Eliza Hittman’s film uses silences and long pauses to simmer the audience in it’s haunting drama. In spite of it’s title that has a lot of words, Hitman specifically focuses on keeping the dialogue to a bare minimum. In the Never Rarely Sometimes Always script you can clearly see the indication of talent who knows exactly how to pace the drama forward.

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Featuring powerful performances from both first-timer Sidney Flanigan and Taila Ryder, the film is possibly the first indie darling that is having a major buzz for the Oscars 2021. Already a front runner for the Best Picture at the Gotham Awards, the film is boosting up for leading performance and original screenplay for Hittman.

Coming to the screenplay, the film is full of brilliantly written sequences but since most of us only sit up and notice where the emotions get awry, the scene that gives the film its title is moving to great measures. In our review of the film, we said that “Never Rarely Sometimes Always is much more than a didactic political messaging, tailored for the #MeToo era. It’s a compellingly intimate character study that establishes its hard-hitting narrative arc through very raw and real emotions, altogether dispelling the exploitative narrative devices; a perfect antithesis to the insufferable cutesiness of Jason Reitman’s Juno (2007).”


[Via: Focus Features]

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