‘Mother/Android’ starring Chloe-Grace Moretz was recently released on Netflix. The plot of the movie centers around a couple, Sam and Georgia, who are on the run after androids go rogue. Their goal is to reach Boston and get on a cruise to Korea, which is unaffected by the rebellion. The small-scale indie movie juggles a mix of genres, chiefly sci-fi, post-apocalyptic, and road movies. The cast is relatively unknown, Moretz being the only recognized name on it. The production shortcomings do not hinder an overall decent artistic performance scale. We have prepared a list of movies like ‘Mother/Android’ that you might enjoy. Happy reading!

1. The Road (2009)

‘The Road’ is probably the most philosophical entry on the list. The plot seems to be a facade to director John Hillcoat’s truest intentions. His landscape is staged in a way to mimic various ordeals of adult life. The planned episodes that the ‘man’ and the ‘boy’ experience are constructed and must be interpreted beyond the elements of the story. The broad-minded scope of the film shows a world suffering from severe trauma, as Hillcoat himself described. The apocalypse, which is often an attraction in such films, is never ascertained. It remains ambiguous until the very end. I like to think of the realization of human consciousness as the event that triggers the events in the film.

‘The Road’ is quite bizarre in how it subverts expectations without the viewer even realizing it. The epiphany strikes with the twist ending that is ironic, tragic, cryptic, and hopeful, all at the same time. Kodi Smit-McPhee, most recently seen in The Power of the Dog, stars along with Viggo Mortensen. Like ‘Mother/Android’, the cinematic world is built on the idea of suffering and waking up to an uncertain morning every day. Visual and genre similarities aside, ‘The Road’ is more expansive in its examination of its literary source.

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2.  The Darkest Hour (2011)

The 2011 film stars Emile Hirsch among other young actors who play four individuals, meeting at a party in Moscow. The central theme of the plot is an alien invasion that first, ravages the city, and threatens to expand. The four, now stuck together, aim to survive the invasion and make their way to safety to a nuclear submarine departing from Moscow River. In order to do that, they must navigate the seemingly impossible job of avoiding the aliens and even discover a way to defeat them. ‘The Darkest Hour’ shares almost all major themes with ‘Mother/Android’, also falling in the same genre.

Although the survivors in the latter are not able to find a solution to defeat the bots, they find one in the former. Like ‘Mother/ Android’, the film is a light watch liable to be enjoyed in the company of friends and family. It might not be the brightest in terms of script or acting, there is enough talent to keep you hooked.

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3. Bird Box (2018)

‘Bird Box’ was one of the first post-apocalyptic modern horror films to be released on Netflix. Sandra Bullock features as the central character, Malorie, a mother of two kids, on the run with her husband to escape the raging epidemic of mass suicides induced by an enemy who can’t be seen. But, the only way to avoid being induced, is to keep your eyes closed. The unique premise and star cast attracted global audiences, making ‘Bird Box’ a great success. Along with other genre similarities, ‘Bird Box’ also heavily weighs in on the superpower that is motherhood. The connection of the mothers with their kids, born and unborn, highlights the emotional core of both films.

Both the films are set around extreme situations which test the mettle of any person. The way Malorie and Georgia’s characters handle the situations just emphasizes how difficult and rewarding it is to be a mother. The ultimate characteristic of sacrifice is underrated but significant.

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4. Annihilation (2018)

Movies Like Mother Android - Annihilation

Another film similar to ‘Mother/Android’ that you can stream on Netflix is Alex Garland’s ‘Annihilation’. With a considerably bigger budget and more rounded personnel, ‘Annihilation’ is a bit out of ‘Mother/Android’s league. Its narrative is built as a retelling of biology professor Lena’s expedition to the Shimmer with her team. The area has mysteriously emerged over the crash site of a meteor some years back. Scientists are bewildered and intrigued by its unprecedented habitat. A caveat to the expedition is that hardly anyone has returned from the area, except Kane, Lena’s dying husband. ‘Annihilation’ creates a compelling conceit for audiences to follow and engage with. The adaptation stays more or less true to its literary origins, only making minor tweaks.

It squarely belongs to the league of sci-fi movies that have seamlessly blended the theatre with filmmaking legacy. The science of it remains on the fringes, but surprisingly has an underrated impact in creating the spectacle. Like in ‘Mother/Android’, ‘Annihilation’s expedition team walks into the uncertain without too much of a plan. The challenges they face spring out on them without too much notice. These genre similarities are matched by themes of sacrifice and experimentation.

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5. A Quiet Place (2018)

‘A Quiet Place’ quickly became a fan favorite after its release. The populist sentiment was overwhelming for its refreshing story structure and edge of the seat execution. John Krasinski directs and stars as one of the four in the Abbott family, along with his wife Emily Blunt. After sightless predator aliens land on earth, quietness becomes a necessity. The Abbotts, who tragically lose the youngest member to them, continue living life in the new normal way. But a small mistake sets in motion a chaotic chain of events that threatens to destroy their lives. Because of its nature, the film never feels dull. Even in vulnerable moments, there is an anticipation of something going wrong.

Like Sam and Georiga, the Abbotts do not have anyone else. Family is all they have to rely upon, which at times, they discover, can be suffocating. The journey of the two families in a post-apocalyptic world is very similar. The overtures of motherhood and sacrifice are found in abundance in both films. The evil that surrounds them feels undefeatable but with the power of love, that seems like a possibility.

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