Movies like “Nowhere” on Netflix: Once in a while, there comes one movie that’ll make you fall in love with cinema, and Albert Pintó’s “Nowhere” is no exception. Starring Anna Castillo and Tamar Novas, the film chronicles the story of Mia (Anna Castillo), a pregnant refugee from a repressive regime whose sheltering place falls apart when a fierce storm tosses the container she was hiding in overboard. Mia gives birth while trapped and has no choice but to endure in order to rescue her child.

The story of survival in “Nowhere” is exceptionally well-told. The majority of the film takes place within the shipping container where Mia is held, and despite its confined setting, it manages to keep audiences interested throughout. However, the ending of such a film can have only two possibilities, which might reduce the tension in the plot. Like its main character, “Nowhere” lives up to the survival film genre by persevering until the inevitable is reached. If you’re smashing your fingers against your keyboard, trying to find similar movies like “Nowhere,” we got you! Here’s the list of 8 similar movies that’ll ramp up the tension and keep you engaged, just like Mia did inside the shipping container.

1. Children of Men (2006)

Children of Men (2006)

If you’re scouring the internet for movies like “Nowhere,” this Alfonso Cuarón masterpiece is exactly what you need. The plot parachutes the audience into a not-so-distant 2027, where a calamity has stripped women of their ability to bring new life into the world, causing an 18-year-long baby break. Enter Theo Faron (Clive Owen), once a fervent activist, now leading a rather lackluster existence. But fate knocks on his door as Julian Taylor (Julianne Moore), his estranged wife turned militant maven of “The Fishes,” pops back into his life. Taylor begs him to safely transport Kee, a miraculously pregnant refugee.

The film whisks the audience into a disordered and tumultuous future where society’s seams have come undone. Order has gone on an extended vacation, leaving governments scrambling for any semblance of control. Amidst this bleak canvas, characters dance through their flaws and vulnerabilities, adding a human touch that’s both relatable and engaging. The thespian brilliance of Clive Owen and Julianne Moore adds emotional depth and believability, rendering “Children of Men” a must-watch.

Children of Men” is a quirky cocktail of thought-provoking themes and arresting visuals. The dystopian world it paints is grungy and authentic, and meticulous attention to detail adds to its allure. The cinematography is experimental and just keeps on improvising, concocting a cinematic masterpiece that continues to move cinephiles even after a decade of its release.

2. The Revenant (2015)

“The Revenant,” a 2015 survival drama helmed by Alejandro González Iñárritu, takes inspiration from actual events and Michael Punke’s novel that shares its name. Set against the early 19th-century backdrop, the narrative orbits around Hugh Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio). Glass, a gritty frontiersman, and fur trapper, falls victim to a brutal bear attack, miraculously surviving but left abandoned by members of his own expedition. The anguish of witnessing his son’s murder fuels Glass’s thirst for vengeance, propelling him on a demanding voyage through the unforgiving American wilderness.

Survival and revenge stand as central pillars in “The Revenant,” offering a deep exploration into the human psyche. The film vividly portrays the raw savagery of nature and the instinctual will to persevere, simultaneously exploring the struggle of man against the elements. Emmanuel Lubezki’s cinematography in “The Revenant” stands as a crowning achievement, a pinnacle of visual storytelling within the film.

Lubezki’s artistry with natural lighting and long, uninterrupted shots transports the audience into the wilderness’s rugged beauty and unyielding harshness. These captivating visuals create a sense of solitude, adeptly capturing the vast, unforgiving landscape that both tests and molds the characters in this riveting tale.

3. Crawl (2019)

8 Movies to Watch if you like Nowhere on Netflix - Crawl (2019)

Next on our list of similar movies to Netflix’s “Nowhere” is Alexandre Aja’s 2019 horror survival dubbed “Crawl.” The heart of the story beats around Haley Keller, brought to life by Kaya Scodelario, who finds herself trapped within a flooded residence as a Category 5 hurricane ravages Florida. The rising waters become just the tip of the iceberg as she soon discovers she’s sharing her precarious refuge with a menacing swarm of aggressive alligators. The movie skillfully paints a picture of a high-stakes, heart-pounding survival situation. Kaya Scodelario pours herself into the role, delivering a compelling performance as a resourceful and resilient protagonist.

Through her portrayal, the fear and desperation of the situation leap off the screen. Embodying the character of a protective father, Barry Pepper injects emotional depth into the storyline, enhancing the overall narrative experience. To sum up, “Crawl” earns its stripes as a strong contender in the survival horror genre. It capitalizes on a simple yet potent premise to construct a nerve-jangling and electrifying cinematic journey. The film’s exploration of survival instincts, coupled with compelling acting and claustrophobic cinematography, guarantees an engaging and fulfilling viewing experience for aficionados of this genre.

4. Adrift (2018)

“Adrift,” the 2018 survival drama directed by Baltasar Kormákur, draws from the real-life account of Tami Oldham Ashcraft and her partner Richard Sharp, marooned in the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean after a devastating hurricane in 1983. At the heart of the film are Tami Oldham Ashcraft (Shailene Woodley) and Richard Sharp (Sam Claflin)—passionate sailors and lovers embarking on an ambitious voyage across the Pacific. Nonetheless, their adventure takes a tragic turn when they find themselves caught in the crossfires of one of the most catastrophic hurricanes ever documented. Post the tempest’s fury, Tami wakes up and finds Richard severely injured, their boat in shambles, and the vast ocean their only company.

Equipped with limited resources and facing the unforgivable sea, Tami must dig deep, tapping into her reservoirs of strength and determination to chart a course to safety and survive this unfortunate ordeal. The film successfully employs non-linear storytelling to contrast the romantic elements of Tami and Richard’s romance with their harrowing journey to survive. This method strengthens the story emotionally and aids in creating suspense. The film’s believability is bolstered by its use of genuine effects and detailed set design, making the dreadful circumstances all the more frightening.

5. 127 Hours (2010)

8 Movies to Watch if you like Nowhere on Netflix - 127 Hours (2010)

“127 Hours” is another movie similar to “Nowhere,” directed by Danny Boyle. The movie chronicles the remarkable true story of Aron Ralston, a seasoned mountaineer confronted with an unimaginable dilemma in the canyons of Utah. James Franco takes on the role of Aron Ralston, a daring adventurer and climbing enthusiast whose adventure takes a nightmarish turn as a massive boulder traps him inside a remote canyon, stapling his arm against the rock face. Confronted by the stark reality of his plight and the grim unlikelihood of rescue, Aron decides on self-amputation.

In the span of 127 harrowing hours, Aron looks inside his heart, reflecting on his life, memories, and relationships, summoning an indomitable will to weather against all odds. James Franco’s portrayal of Aron Ralston is excellent, capturing the character’s inner and outer torment throughout the film. Franco’s depiction of Aron is accurate down to the last nuance of his despair, bravery, and spectrum of feelings while he is restricted. The score by A.R. Rahman adds to the film’s drama and reflects the emotional weight of Aron’s ordeal. Aron’s captured footage and memories give the story more dimension and illuminate his character and his fight for survival.

6. The Fall (2022)

Helmed by Scott Mann, “The Fall” chronicles the lives of two friends, Becky and Hunter, for whom conquering challenges and testing one’s limitations is a way of life. Unfortunately, they reach the top of a deserted radio tower after climbing almost 2,000 feet, only to realize there is no way back down. The conditions, a paucity of supplies, and the dizzying heights provide the ultimate trial of their skilled mountaineering talents. When the attention is on the terrifying sights and thrilling moments, “Fall” shines. Shots of the tower’s low, foreboding height and its little platform atop it immediately establish an ominous tone.

The broad images and aerial perspectives really drive home how dangerous the situation Becky and Hunter are in. Cinematically, the nauseating images of the tower’s numerous loose bolts and decaying timbers heighten the tension. The camera is the single most successful technical component for driving home the gravity of the situation and heightening tension when doom seems imminent.

7. The Shallows (2016)

8 Movies to Watch if you like Nowhere on Netflix - The Shallows (2016)

Similar to Netflix’s “Nowhere,” “The Shallows” also strands you at sea. This Jaume Collet-Serra cocktail recounts the harrowing tale of Nancy Adams (Blake Lively), a medical student and dedicated surfer. The narrative unfurls as Nancy finds herself stranded on a precarious rock in the vast expanse of the ocean, relentlessly pursued by a formidable great white shark.

Nancy’s journey commences as she ventures to a secluded Mexican beach, a place her late mother once had visited, seeking solace and a sense of connection through the waves. A brief encounter with a couple of locals sets her day in motion, and she eagerly takes to the inviting waters. However, what was anticipated as a delightful day of surfing swiftly descends into a relentless struggle for survival as a ferocious great white shark viciously attacks her.

The visual composition in “The Shallows” is nothing short of spectacular, capturing the ocean’s mesmerizing allure and inherent peril. The cinematography seamlessly weaves together underwater shots, expansive aerial views, and gripping close-ups, intensifying the suspense and evoking a palpable sense of claustrophobia.  Blake Lively’s performance in “The Shallows” is a tour de force, resonating with strength and conviction as Nancy Adams. Her portrayal vividly captures the character’s fear, unwavering determination, and sharp resourcefulness in the face of an unforgiving challenge for survival.

8. Gravity (2013)

The movie revolves around Dr. Ryan Stone, a skilled medical engineer venturing into space on her inaugural shuttle mission alongside seasoned astronaut Matt Kowalski. Their mission takes a catastrophic turn when their shuttle is obliterated, leaving them marooned in the vast expanse of space. Faced with the brutal challenges of the vacuum and depleting resources, they embark on an arduous journey to defy the odds, fighting for survival and a chance to make it back to Earth.

Sandra Bullock’s portrayal of Dr. Ryan Stone is nothing short of remarkable as she skillfully navigates her character’s evolution from a state of fear and vulnerability to one of resilience and unwavering determination. George Clooney’s rendition of the seasoned astronaut Matt Kowalski enriches the narrative with depth and charisma. The chemistry between the two actors amplifies the emotional resonance of their harrowing struggle for survival, contributing to a heightened and impactful viewing experience.

The cinematography in “Gravity” is truly groundbreaking, pushing the boundaries of visual storytelling and offering an unparalleled sense of immersion and realism within the infinite expanse of space. Employing a pinch of CGI and cutting-edge techniques, the film achieves awe-inspiring, long, uninterrupted shots. These shots not only fascinate the audience but also provide a visceral experience of the characters’ isolation amidst the vast emptiness of space, truly transporting viewers into the depths of the cosmos.

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