Scattered Night 흩어진 밤 – Sumin and Jin-ho are siblings living together. Their parents declare to them that they will divorce soon. They say that it is not decided yet how the four members of the family live apart and ask them to wait for about 2 weeks. Sumin spends every day worrying about which parents she’s going to live with and whether she will live apart from Jin-ho. One day, her parents offer her a suggestion.


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Sumin and Jin-ho’s parents are about to divorce. Since their parents have already been discouraged by each other, they are helpless to decide who will raise their children or which child they will take care of in the face of their divorce. Sumin is the one who feels sorry for her parents. Instead of suggesting a conclusion, Scattered Night displays a family collapse from Sumin’s viewpoint and the fatigue of life from the parents’ view. Also, the camera delicately follows the situation in which a child expresses despair in the collapse of the family. While the fantasy of marriage is crumbling, the grown-up’s responsibility to raise children has been abandoned. This reality is vividly demonstrated by the eyes of the child in the film. The young actor who plays Sumin was overwhelming and leaves a deep impression. [KIM Youngjin]

High On Films Review

Scattered Night (2019) is an intimate and intricate portrayal of a collapsing family seen through the eyes of naive but smart Sumin. It doesn’t succumb into providing straightforward answers to an emotional quandary. Continue reading the review. 


Director: KIM Sol, LEE Jihyoung

Screenplay: LEE Jihyoung

Producer: LIM Dongmin

Cinematography: KIM Jinhyeong

Music: TONG, JUNG Woohyun

Sound: JUNG Woohyun

Cast: MOON Seung-a, CHOI Junwoo, KIM Hyeyoung, LIM Hojun
Runtime: 81 mins
Country: Korea
Year of Release – 2019

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