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Gueros [2014] Review : A Romantic & Insightful Take on ‘Slackerdom’

The meaning of the word ‘Gueros’ is defined before the movie rolls on. It means ‘light-skinned people’ (a derisive slang), and so there might be a thought on the back of your mind that it’s about racism (and the resulting class divide) in Mexican society. Yeah, it touches that subject with a dash of deadpan humor. Actually, the sensational social commentary in “Gueros” peacefully unveils in the background, while our attention is grabbed by the witty, expressionistic images

Fury [2014] Review – A Brutal Tank Drama with Battle-Scarred Soldiers

David Ayer’s last two films were at the extreme pole- Sabotage being a totally forgetfully bore action thriller while End of Watch being one of the best crime dramas. Heavily stylized & dramatized Fury falls just somewhere in middle of it. Fury depicts the horror of war quite well with the dash of some great action scenes & undercurrent of jingoism. The opening scene of Wardaddy(played by Brad Pitt) killing a German cavalry officer with a knife, then cutting his eye sets the tone of the film and later

Pawn Sacrifice 2014

Pawn Sacrifice (2014): Complex as Chess

Boris Spassky shudders and says his agent after he wins the first match against his arch-rival Bobby Fischer. What cost Fischer that certainly drawn match was his unconscious blunder move of sacrificing his pawn. But if we take a closer look at the life of Bobby Fischer, the above quote sums up his psyche of how earnestly he took the game of Chess.