Trying (Season 3), Episode 3 Recap & Ending Explained: With Trying, Apple TV+ presents a lighthearted, sensitive comedy drama. The adorable duo of Esther Smith and Rafe Spall as Nikki and Jason creates a magical ride through simple, everyday moments. Their brilliant chemistry has always kept the viewers rooting for them every step of the way. With the prospect of a foster kid being much clearer for the couple, the third season started on an optimistic note. Their journey towards being a family is dealt with an incredible amount of warmth and compassion. The mix of bittersweet moments with a genuine wholesomeness makes it a comedy series hard to miss out on.

Trying (Season 3), Episode 3 Recap: 

With the premiere of its 3rd season, Trying showed Nikki (Esther Smith) and Jason (Rafe Spall) trying to make the most of their time with the kids. While they were allowed to adopt Princess (Eden Togwell), her brother Tyler (Mickey McAnulty) tags along with her and it becomes impossible for the couple to separate these two adorable kids. As a result, they try to persuade the deciding committee to allow them to get permission to be foster parents of both. The two episodes show the duo trying to make the kids as happy as they can during their time together, while also working on themselves to mature so that they become responsible parents. The third episode builds on the same thought.

Nikki and Jason go on a holiday trip along with the kids, which is specifically designed to strengthen the bond between kids and parents from new families. During this outing, Nikki befriends another parent, and it baffles Jason how she can quickly manage such things while he can’t. That scene creates the emotional foundation for the entire episode – how both learn to understand the good aspects of their behavioral patterns and parenting while trying to make changes to their inherent nature. Nikki feels that she is not as fun as compared to Jason and wants to imbibe this very nature of his so that she can bond with the kids, and be a ‘fun parent’.

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Jason tells Nikki how he worries less and goes with what his instinct tells him. He suggests her ‘to be herself’. It slightly irks her since this piece of advice doesn’t necessarily help her. She tries imitating Jason but miserably fails to impress the kids or to bond with them. Meanwhile, she gets jealous of another family where the parents seem to have a picture-perfect relationship with their children. She wishes to have the same strong bond between the four of them. In her attempt, she goes out Kayaking with Princess and gets alone time with her while Jason and Tyler stay back. In the previous episode, we saw Jason trying to take the rock away from Tyler so that he won’t get teased or bullied. He now switches it with a lamp, which doesn’t necessarily solve the problem and yet feels like a temporary solution.

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During their time together on the camping site, Jason feels the lamp again to be an issue and finds it hard to understand why Tyler wishes to have something with him. Nikki advises him to look at it from Tyler’s perspective and what it means to him. While that happens with these four, Karen seems to have fallen into an existential crisis, realizing that she hates her job as a teacher. She feels worthless because of not having a passion of her own. Scott is gaining more traction on his blog, which irks her even more – since she does not have the unending enthusiasm as he does.

Meanwhile, Freddy is seen attending a group therapy session. When he is asked to share his story, he goes on and on about his failed marriage among other issues from his life. While other attendees have genuine concerns that they wish to share, his rambling feels unnecessary and bores them soon. He opens up about all the things that have been bothering him for a while and later, tries to work on being a better person with small gestures. On the other side, the issue for Karen gets bigger when she realizes that she is pregnant. The way this revelation of hers is shown during the episode, it is not clear whether the child is shown as a newfound purpose in her life or an added stress. We’ll just have to wait for the upcoming episodes to figure that out.

Trying (Season 3), Episode 3 Ending Explained: 

On the camping site, four of them participate in a capture the flag competition. This activity builds a strong connection between them and lets them have fun & adventurous time as a family of four. While they go on with their mission to capture the most flags with great success, they suddenly realize that Tyler’s lamp is missing. While the old Jason might have told Tyler to let go of his infatuation with it, now he goes back all the way with the entire family back to find the lamp.

They eventually find the lamp, but that jeopardizes their chances of them winning and takes them to the family jail. Nevertheless, that becomes a lesson for Jason to care about Tyler’s personal feelings and go beyond just thinking about everything practically. Even if broken, that lamp puts a smile on Tyler’s face. During their chat about this experience from the holiday, both Nikki and Jason realize how they should serve the role that they are good at instead of trying so hard to be one another. On that sweet note, the episode bids adieu to more learnings and adventures filled with emotional growth where we see the couple becoming more and more mature as parents.


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