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Download the script of Marriage Story

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The Marriage Story Script is nothing short of perfection. Noah Baumbach‘s script has been the talk of the town ever since the Netflix produced film premiered at the Venice Film Festival. Winning the Gotham Award for the best original screenplay and bagging a 5 Golden Globe nomination is just a hearty way to say how great the film really is.

The Los Angeles Film Critics Association, on the other hand, has helmed Baumbach’s script as the greatest piece of film writing in 2019. Pieced together as the story of Nicole (played by Scarlett Johansson) and Charlie (Adam Driver), the film comes from a deeply personal space for the American director. Reportedly the listened to stories from close mates before interviewing lawyers, judges, and mediators to fletch out the final product.

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Baumbach claims that he wrote the screenplay keeping Driver and Johansson in mind. He ensured that his actors could, in fact, induce the body language and emotions that he has so perversely penned down. Since both the actors have had a history with divorce their experiences proved vital as the end product is truly one of the greatest dramas of the year.

Of course, the entire film is written with sharp wit and a desire to not take sides. But, there’s always some scenes that completely overshadow everything else. The long-take 20-minute fight sequence between the couple is one such scene. While it felt like a lot of improvisation went into play, the Marriage Story script has everything written. Every single twitch in the eye, every change in facial expression has been written to such precision that you doubt that what was written is filmed or the other way around. The letters which play an essential starting and ending point argument in this tale of separation are the second most important highlight. Both of those letters feel really personal and close. The Laura Dern monologue is another killer that exhumes angst and anger but also – understanding.

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