Robert Eggers is one of the most important voices in modern-day horror. His folklores have definitely driven independent cinema enthusiasts to worship him as their lord and savior.  With his second feature – after the truly terrifying ‘The VVitch’ is about a maddening, straight-shot delirium of substantiated identity cross-overs and power-struggles. The Lighthouse script is a thing of beauty on its own. Every single written text brings with it a washing wave of terror.

Peppered with super-dark humor that will only tesselate with the Shakspeare read folks, The Lighthouse screenplay owns it’s existence to Eggers’s brother Max. Max wrote the script on the basis of Edgar Allan Poe’s infamous unfinished short story, The Lighthouse but still couldn’t end up giving it proper existence. This is where Robert Eggers stepped in to take a crack at this weirdly terrifying tale of identity.

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The Eggers brothers thus went onto research endlessly about lighthouses, seafaring types, and maritime mythology. The 1980s England became a study point where the came across the pretty basic and common story of two lighthouse keepers getting marooned during a storm. There were only a few things that the maddening genius of the Robert Eggers wished for and with A24 helming the film in a black and white with a vintage aspect ratio, the brothers couldn’t ask for more.

There’s no second thought when I say this but The Lighthouse is all at once terrifying, visceral and absolutely laugh out loud funny. The two lighthouse keepers played by William Defoe and Robert Pattison just descend into perpetual madness as they get excessively drunk. This is, however, the basic narrative structure in this cleverly written, sort-off experimental stand-off of power struggle and identity disarrangement. The first look of the film brought Eggers back into the indie circuit. Some of the sequences written by the two brothers are absolutely crackling. The back and forth is especially amazing. The Lighthouse script is packed with punches that all land on hypnotic, surreal grounds.

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