It’s been 6 years since Frozen released and became a cultural phenomenon capturing the zeitgeist in a way so few can. Expectations were always going to be high for the much anticipated follow up. Unfortunately, Frozen 2 never rises to the heights of its predecessor, or even of superior animated films that released this year. It’s a mildly enjoyable but completely forgettable adventure. After the long wait, I only wish it had been better.

Frozen 2 sees our beloved heroes reunite for a new journey in which they venture into the unknown to unlock the secrets of the past and discover the origins and meaning of Elsa’s powers.

It’s a promising idea for a plot. As someone who’s a sucker for fantasy and adventure, I was undeniably excited by the opportunities such a story-line presented. Alas, the plot is the biggest letdown in this film. It’s too light on any real conflict or drama. It fails to create any tension or excitement. Built around teased mysteries and suspense, it resolves and answers these in a generic and dull fashion. Our characters are often put in dangerous situations and face numerous obstacles. But these are so easily and conveniently overcome that eventual payoffs and resolutions seem unearned.

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It’s possible to ground a compelling story without an antagonist/villain. In this case, the lack of one really hurts because the other core elements are too weak to sustain the entire plot on their own. A portion of the film takes place in an “enchanted forest”, it really doesn’t make the most of its whimsical setting, or the new characters it introduces.

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With that in mind, Frozen 2 definitely has its redeeming qualities. The soundtrack, while again not as robust as the first one is still catchy and enjoyable. There are a few tracks with the potential to break out and become hits. The visuals are dazzling and magical indeed. Whether it be the settings and locations or characters themselves and Elsa putting her powers on display, it all looks gorgeous.

The script is full of enjoyable character interactions between Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff, and Sven. There are running gags that work well, laughs to be had and lots of warmth in moments between them. Some of their arcs are more interesting than others. It’s just a fun time to be in the company of this likable and charming bunch. The film is also cleverly self-referential in some throwback jokes to events of the first one which works very well. Voice performances by all involved are perfect and completely convincing.

Frozen 2 (2019) has a lot going for it but is ultimately let down by its story. While recapturing the magic of the first was always going to be a herculean endeavor, I couldn’t help but feel that we deserved better given the six-year wait. It’s still worth watching and enjoyable enough for fans of the original, but keep your expectations in check.


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