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Frozen 2 [2019] Review- A Dazzling film for people of all Ages

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Frozen 2 [2019] Review: Starring Idina Menzel, Kristen Bell, Jonathan Groff and Josh Gad, the sequel picks up three years after the events on the first film. These are recounted on multiple occasions once in the form of a song like narration. The other is a mesmerizing ice sculpture sequence that is a sight to behold. It is fun to see them pay homage to the Danish author who provided the short tale which serves as the inspiration for this adaptation.

A lot of the flashback scenes are done in a novel manner featuring ice sculptures. Water has memories and here the water is frozen to tap into those memories. It’s different and quite refreshing to look at something that doesn’t go back in time with a faded throwback like how we see in films. It also doesn’t transport us completely to the past instead of permitting us to visit the past like how we see museum statues.

It’s tough to say that that particular thing was the most visually stunning moment in a film filled with astounding and dazzling scenes. There is not a lot of snow in this film which means that the moments where Else summons her powers are quite rare and they are cherished. They looked amazing in the first on an ice background but that is further enhanced when on a regular background that seems dark. Especially in the Enchanted forest.

Frozen 2 Review

The forest which is the home of the Northuldra forms the setting for this sequel. It is covered by an impermeable mist that acts as a wall if anyone, not a forest spirit attempts to enter.

Frozen 2 focuses on Elsa being summoned by a mysterious voice that only she can hear. She refers to it as The Sound Siren in the power ballad, “into the unknown.” That voice is like a glorious opera coming from places unknown. The origin of Elsa’s powers is weaved into this film which takes us away from Arendelle which falls victim to the wrath of nature.

The citizens have to flee to the forest. This event leads the sisters to reexamine their lives and flashback to a bedtime story they were told as children. But of course, they didn’t realize that on their own and had to be prompted by a wise character. Why? Those characters as stuffed animals in Disneyland would be quite good collectables, right? Okay, they were in the first film also and aren’t just written in like how the Porgs were in Star Wars.

There is one thing that according to me has been included just for merchandise sales. It is one of what initially I assumed were 4 villains. But honestly, it’s surprising to see such restraint from Disney who had the license to introduce a plethora of unseen creatures whilst inside the forest. Whilst in the forest the characters were split up and at no point, it felt as though some characters were more important than others.

The songs in this movie are lacking. The songwriter duo of Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez have a tough follow up act to their Oscar-winning work six years ago. Falling short to that is not a bad thing.

The only number which may be mentioned favourably in the same breath with the first instalment “Do you wanna build a snowman”, “for the first time in forever” and “Let it Go” could be “Into The Unknown.” This power ballad comes right at the start of the film and is timed well for I was beginning to think I had visited the cinema hall for a Disney musical. Young Anna doesn’t ask for a bedtime story as such, but she wants a song to be sung to her. And then there was a song every five minutes.

Of course “Let it Go” is acknowledged by a character with the air of one who has heard so much praise of that work of art that they just are nonchalant about it now. That’s like the Frozen anthem. Its associated with this film like how Shallow is forever associated with A Star is Born and This is me with The Greatest Showman.

Initially, I got bored of the film due to its songs but as it went on and the characters ventured deeper into the forest and further north there was a sense of excitement as we yearned to know the truth behind what was happening and why it had happened. I like the fact that the climax wasn’t overly dramatic and stretched which most often happens and makes me think, “wrap it up we gotta go home.”

The growth of the character of Anna is enjoyable and the film has portrayed her well. She represents that regular person who isn’t overwhelmed by a situation and faces danger without any special abilities. They could have had her discover a power in this outing based on the story and pursuit by Elsa but I was happy that this wasn’t done.

The film did have some holes such as the mysterious disappearance of the coat of mist permitting a character to venture into the oceans without crossing it. But that Ocean sequence is gripping and like a battle of human vs nature and it captures you. This battle between Elsa and the Water Spirit is the reason I am conflicted when asked to name which scene in the film dazzled me.

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The distance between the Kingdom of Arendelle to the Enchanted Forest and Ahtohallan is a bit confusing. Did director duo Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck go all Game of Thrones on us?

The angle of nature vs humans and how nature always fights back is an integral part of Frozen 2. The goal is to be a part of nature and not apart from it. This mature subject matter will appeal to the adults who will have to accompany their children for the film as well as the children who have remained fans of the first film despite outgrowing it in the six-year gap between both instalments. For kids, it can be seen as a film talking about how to be nice and live with everyone. Do not destroy the forest.

This film has something in it for people of all ages. A run time just exceeding 103 minutes sees it as a longish tv episode. Frozen 2 is a journey that explores friendship and sisterhood. It has a running gag having Kristoff desperately try to not stumble as he attempts to propose to Anna. Sven is gold in these scenes. This dazzling instalment is something that won’t cause viewer fatigue and is remarkable.


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Production company: Walt Disney Animation Studios
Voice cast: Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Josh Gad, Jonathan Groff, Sterling K. Brown, Evan Rachel Wood, Alfred Molina, Martha Plimpton, Jason Ritter, Rachel Matthews, Jeremy Sisto, Ciaran Hinds, Alan Tudyk, Hadley Gannaway, Mattea Conforti, Aurora, Alan Tudyk, Santino Fontana, Libby Stubenrauch, Eva Bella
Directors: Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee
Screenwriter: Jennifer Lee; story by Chris Buck, Marc E. Smith, Kristen Anderson-Lopez, Robert Lopez
Editor: Jeff Draheim
Music: Christophe Beck
Original songs: Kristen Anderson-Lopez, Robert Lopez

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