In his latest video Essay, Luís Azevedo of Beyond The Frame explores the generation gap between the two Mike Nichols classics – Carnal Knowledge (1971) & The Graduate (1967). While there are no connections between the two films per say, Luis argues that the two people who form the centre of Nichols’s Carnal Knowledge (i.e Jonathan played by Jack Nicolson & Sandy played by Art Garfunkel) are in fact, made out of the same controlling skin as all the older generation in the cult classic ‘The Graduate.’ Luis draws a beautiful parallel between the two films, one of which has two males often arguing the idea a perfect woman; all the way diluting their own picture of what they really want from them. On the other hand, the rebellion of Benjamin Braddock in ‘The Graduate’ is argued to be a vague attempt to get out of this controlling older generations shackles only to find himself in a state which he himself doesn’t understand. Check out the wonderful video essay which Luis has made in collaboration with MUBI.


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