Malayalam Movies are still trailblazing in 2020. While the coronavirus pushed a few of the films to a near foreseeable future, some daring Malayali filmmakers put their films straight to streaming. This was not just an excellent choice, but it also helped bridge the gap between the non-Malayalm movies watching audience even further. This made 2020 another brilliant year for Malayalam Movies; especially the ones that hit online streaming. making 2020 another brilliant year. Our best Indian movies of 2020 list featured a whole bunch of Malayalam movies. In a first, we saw the first screen thriller from India – one that wasn’t just a gimmick but also one of the best films of 2020. If you’re looking for the best Malayalam movies of 2019 look no further. Similarly, I have also compiled a list of the top Malayalam movies of 2018 here.

Even though none of these films from 2020 managed to get into the IMDB top rated Malayalam movies, the following list notes down all major Malayalam Movies of 2020 and where you can watch them online:

1. Ayyappanum Koshiyum

Written a director by the late Sachy, Ayyappanum Koshiyum opens with a tense 20-minute sequence that has to be one of the most well-written and executed sequences in Malayalam cinema’s recent history. The sequence follows an influential and wealthy ex-Havildar and Ayyappan Nair and a Sub-inspector in Attappadi who arrests him.

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This is one of those rare, mainstream films that get the mass value out of a scintillating and well-structured story about the toxicity of men and the grudges they hold so close to their hearts.

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2. Trance

Trance is about the transition of an atheist to a spiritual leader who is compelled to borrow a theistic attitude for capitalist gain. What’s important is that the film doesn’t indulge in psychedelia to overtly exploit its devotion to unconventionality. Hence, Trance continues to exist as an easily consumable experience that neither intends to nor tries to induce artificial anxiety.

Fahadh Faasil is the biggest element of Trance. He is the noise you hear, the light you see, and the air you feel through the course of the film. The film submits itself to the actor’s presence and often turns to manipulate the audience into buying itself on Fahadh’s name.

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3. Kappela

Kappela is a film that borderline problematic narrative devices. It presents a story that can go either way. However, director Muhammad Musthafa cleverly drops clues here and there in order to make his strange turn of events feel plausible. The story follows Jessy as she starts a phone relationship with a stranger – a supposed charming auto-driver named Benny. The rest of the film is best witnessed without divulging spoilers. Rest assured, it makes a solid case for how manipulation and toxic behavior often hide in plain sight.

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4. Sufiyum Sujatayum

Directed by Naranipuzha, Shanavas Sufiyum Sujatayum is about Sujata (Aditi Rao Hydari)  – a mute young girl who is also a brilliant Kathak Dancer. Coming from a Hindu family, she falls in love with Sufi (a Muslim scholar played by Dev Mohan). The rest of the story plays out in a typical old-school manner of love that could not manifest. The themes of Love Jihad and Hindu right-wing ideologies clash in this film that could have used some more boldness.

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5. Kilometres And Kilometres

Road trip movies can be really tricky. They soon lose their steam after the initial setup. Kilometers and Kilometers also suffer from similar issues. However, Tovino Thomas’s charming performance makes this one a joy ride for most of its runtime. Sweet and earnest in its efforts, the film eventually leaves you with a smile on your face.

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6. C u Soon

Making a screen-thriller can be such a gamble. If you don’t have a good writer on board, no matter how great the casting is, your film will slip out of your hand in no time. With writer/director Mahesh Narayanan’s ‘C u Soon’ that qualm goes out the window pretty soon. He knows exactly how to plot his steps, when to tread back and when to let the emotions do the talking. If this was a list of the top 10 Malayalam movies of 2020, C u Soon would top it.

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7. Halal Love Story

This is a funny and lighthearted film that has a very interesting and heavy subtext within its folds. Halal Love Story is Zakariya Mohammed’s effort to uncover what Islam actually means as a religion. Within the film, a small group of people takes it upon themselves to solve the problem that plagues the religion, by making a film that shows how it is abhorrently misunderstood.

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8. Anjaam Pathiraa

While Anjaam Pathiraa is weakly written and only uses its issue-based narrative for genre thrills, this serial killer film just might amuse the interested. Unlike most serial killer movies, this one is a psychological thriller that focuses more on the minds of the criminal and the investigators rather than putting all its energy into the investigation. The result, though uneven is worth a shot.

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9. Varane Avashyamund

Varane Avashyamund features two love stories. The generation gap between the two stories isn’t the point. Nor is the film’s over-the-top sweetness. It’s just one of those nice little getaways to the movies that make your day. The characters are surface level, the story doesn’t necessarily land on all fours and the direction is pretty simplistic. But in these tough times, it’s movies like these that become a necessity.

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10. Forensic

This Tovino Thomas starer is yet another serial-killer movie that eventually falls prey to its inevitability. However, there are some terrific ideas thrown in here that may just keep the less engaged audiences hooked till the very end. Forensic uses a lot of expositions to tell its story but the psychological thrill to be had here is something you might enjoy.

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