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20 Underrated Horror movies of 2010s

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Underrated Horror Movies of the 2010s

The horror genre has been marginally restricted in four walls built by exorcism & ghosts, body horror, black magic or voodoo, and psychological implications. We have been consistently fed these such sub-genres of Horror that anything beyond that really baffles us and sometimes, we discard them downright as a horror genre. But the fact is that the genre in itself consists of multitudes. Even the known fact that someday we all have to die is horrific, the thought that we never lived a worthy life is scary. So, I have compiled the list of 20 underrated horror movies that I found are relatively unknown and unconventional in its tone or approach, while a few of the films on the list are genre-redefining films.

20. Maniac [France/US 2012 | Runtime: 89 mins]

It is the characteristics of human to ‘feel’ and ’emote.’ Or else we are as lifeless as Mannequin standing in the crowd. Director Franck Khalfoun put the audience inside the head of a stalking maniac psycho killer and shows almost the entire film through his eyes while we get to vicariously see the internal functioning of his mind. The film stars our own Frodo Baggins having a mommy (reminds me of Norman Bates) issues shown in flashback scenes when he starts falling for mannequin appreciator Anna (Nora Arnezeder). Wood plays the vulnerable shy guy who is equally terrifying in the moment of his maniac attack. For some, the moral vacuum in which this plays out will prove insurmountable, and understandably so.


19. The Lure [Poland 2016| Runtime: 92 mins]

Agnieszka Smoczynska’s ‘The Lure’ is a vampire-mermaid-musical where two sister-mermaids find themselves a job to sing at a polish strip-club. One of them falls in love with the bass player of the band they had found on a day ashore. ‘The Lure’ features one of these sisters going on a vampire rampage on the human society, while the other wishes to lose her mermaid fins to turn human. The weirdness intensifies as Smoczynska’s film features a lesbian mermaid sex scene, a trippy overdose of insane-ness and mermaids turning into foam as their revenge didn’t run its course.

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18. Los Parecidos [Mexico 2016| Runtime: 90 mins]

There is a middle ground between Hitchcockian suspense and Rod Serling strangeness where familiar ominous sound swells in and transports us into an eerie zone of yester era. In disguise of the trashy B horror movie of the 70s, ‘The Similars’ is an earnest tribute to The Twilight Zone and one of the most original (and yet old-fashioned) horror movies of the year. The film is meticulously structured to play like a feature-length episode of The Twilight Zone episode with traditional Rod Serling style narration. There are references to famous episodes like ‘Five Characters in Search of an Exit’ and ‘Monster Are Due on Maple Street’. Ezban is one of the most talented indie filmmakers working today who can examine terror with a comical gaze.


17. In Fear [United Kingdom 2013 | Runtime: 85 mins]

In this indie-horror from England, the narrow country road is covered with the blanket of darkness and silence. The silence is punctuated by insects stridulation & birds chirping. Altered signpost misdirecting to whirl in a circle, which leads panicking. The presence of unknown drags the fear out in open. As the dark thickness, so does the tension matures. Delusion takes a stronghold, trust grows thin. As horror becomes more tangible, a relationship is put to test.

Director-writer Jeremy Lowering‘s ‘In Fear’ takes conventional horror elements of people lost in the woods as they dive into a known landscape without GPS and Cellular Network. However, he still manages to create a bone-chilling film that almost pushes its audience to a nervous breakdown. It’s a taut horror-thriller that keeps you on the edge. Read the review of In Fear.



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