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20 Criminally Underrated Films of 2019

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10. Babyteeth | Shannon Murphy

Babyteeth Movie Underrated Films 2019

The debut feature film of the Australian filmmaker Shannon Murphy’s ‘Babyteeth’ is a delightful and jocular drama about life, love and family that has deep, underlying melancholia running through the lives of people related to cancer-stricken Milla (Eliza Scanlen). Screenwriter Rita Kalnejais (adapted from her novel of the same name) dodges the mawkishness and conventional sentimentality without losing the emotional palette. Rita doesn’t treat Milla, her family and her newly found love- Moses (Toby Wallace) as crutches to derive the mushy sympathy and flounder in their imminent loss, and besides subtle but humorous writing, the ensemble really helps to elevate this ambitious film. Babyteeth is #10 in our list of criminally underrated films of 2019. Read the complete review of Babyteeth [2019]

9. System Crasher | Nora Fingscheidt

System Crasher

Writer-director Nora Fingscheidt’s intense, hyperventilating psychological drama is an equally heartbreaking and life-affirming film that centres around Bernadette (Helena Zengel), but she likes to be called Bennie, a nine YO time-ticking bomb. She harbours aggression & anger, ready to explode at the drop of a hat. Her erratic and passive-aggressive behaviour makes it impossible to engage with her, to reason with her. Her mother is scared of her, so she has handed the responsibility to child protection services. Underneath all the fury and violent streak, Bennie is a delicate, fragile girl, longing for unconditional love, and trying to reconcile with her mother. If Bennie’s temperamental behaviour is deeply rooted, there are reasons for it – which is never explicitly dealt with in the film.

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8.  Her Smell | Alex Ross Perry

Her Smell Underrated Films 2019

In “Her Smell” Elisabeth Moss stars as Becky Something – The centrepiece of the punk-rock band ‘Something She.’ Self-destructive in nature and recklessly motioning through moments of absolute claustrophobia, the film tackles Becky’s viciousness and eventual relapse into herself. Directed with absolute razor-sharp precision and a kind of infuriating energy that could be hard to behold, Her Smell is a parable of understanding the fact that togetherness can save more than one soul and every scene that comes in the last act is a testament to longing, change, and growth.

7. House of Hummingbird | Bora Kim

In her feature debut, Bora Kim paints an intimate and sensitive story of a lonely and whimsical eighth-grader Eunhee (Ji-hu Park), set during the mid-90s. The intentional glacial pacing of the narration allows Bora to observe the nuances of the Korean culture and marginally reduced the role of women in society, reminiscing of Lee Chang-dong’s body of work. Eunhee struggle to navigate life through her dysfunctional family, abusive brother and her bullies in school while figuring out her place in the society forms the crux of the film. Bora presents an honest and poignant take on youth, filled with warm cinematography from Gook-Hyun. Continue reading the review of House of Hummingbird.

6. Waves | Trey Edward Shults

Waves Underrated Films 2019

Trey Edward Shults is quite an ambitious and valiant film-maker who has experimented with the narrative employing distinguished score and elliptical camera movements. With Waves, he has peaked a dizzy height involving seizure-inducing snazzy camera movements and a percussive soundtrack with frenetic editing that create a feverish, intense drama in the first hour. Though the emotional underlying of the characters feel stomped under the heavy technicality, these broken characters in the family nosediving in the tragedy is fleshed out with empathy and boundless love that feels genuine.

5. The Souvenir | Joanna Hogg

The Souvenir Best Movies of 2019

Unlike several tragic romantic movies dealing emphatically with the whole conundrum of a toxic relationship, British film-maker Joanna Hogg’s ‘The Souvenir’ feels like an aching silence that echoes in eternity. Joanna is in complete command of her craft; nothing in the film feels contrived or obvious. The writing is a masterclass. It’s restrained and often subtle to misunderstand it for abstract narrative. It’s the story of the baffling toxic relationship Julie (Honor Swinton Byrne), a young girl studying in a film school, had with a charismatic, manipulative Anthony (Tom Burke), a middle-aged man working in a Foreign Office. Here is our #5 entry in the list of criminally underrated films of 2019.

4. Bait | Mark Jenkin

Bait Underrated Films 2019

Bait is an audacious & ambitious experimental film on the gentrification of a Cornish fishing community, that aesthetically seemed to have resurrected from the lost reel of early cinema [Guy Maddin would be proud of it]. Concerned with the diminishing regional culture presented as a widening conflict between native fishermen and tourists, writer/director Mark Jenkin’s visually arresting mood piece involves jarring shots, old-school editing techniques and scratchy, granular monochromatic shots using a 16mm Bolex camera. This could be a perfect seafaring companion to Robert Eggers’ The Lighthouse.

3. I was at Home, but | Angela Schanelec

Silver Bear Winner Auteur Angela Schanelec’s ‘I was at Home, but’ is the most audacious, wildly original and sombre mood piece puzzle that challenges the traditional narrative. It’s a perplexing and opaque family drama consisting of long, laconic takes with striking visuals and non-existent of the formal plot. It demands complete submission into its spiritual arc that often communicates through the cold but moving poetic visuals and strong subtext probing deep into the psychology of the characters. After having disappeared for a week in the lush forest, a 13-year-old boy, Phillip, returns home one day without saying a word, and the plot follows the family dealing with Phillip’s return.

2. Lara | Jan Ole Gerster

Lara Underrated Films 2019

Even though the critics are divided on Jan Ole Gerster’s sombre film ‘Lara’, the cost of humiliation and criticism in order to push someone can adversely change the discourse of someone’s life make ‘Lara’ even more potent and must watch. It’s a powerful film, a haunting piece that would pierce in your conscience and question that one moment when you thought of giving up on something you were passionate about. It takes a grip of its audience’s heart right at the start and refuses to let go till long after the credits roll. Haunting, mesmerizing, and infinitely beautiful. A tour de force.

1. All Good | Eva Trobisch

Aenne Schwarz in Alles ist Gut Netflix Original Ranked

Eva Trobisch debut film “Alles Ist Gut” is a rare Netflix Original to have slipped through the cracks into oblivion that needs your utmost attention. It deals with a conundrum of the post-traumatic stress after a raped woman who initially finds it hard to come to terms of what happened to her. It is artfully restrained, incredibly acted and masterfully edited. The film-maker from East Berlin, Eva Trobisch weaves a mature narrative having psychological complexity that would leave its audience distressed. Available on Netflix.

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