5 Shows like All Of Us Are Dead on Netflix: Netflix has found another hero from South Korea. After the banging success of ‘Squid Games‘, Netflix has brought to us ‘All of Us are Dead’. The television series focuses on a zombie-like virus outbreak in the city of Hyosan. The focus of attention is the local high school and a handful of its students, but other supporting characters are also present. The 12-episode long series presents wholesome entertainment with sensitive drama and contemporized themes. A gamut of spheres – social, economical, and political – are touched upon and brought together. The show is heavily characteristic of compelling content in the recent past from Korea. As far as disaster shows go, there is no doubt that ‘All of Us are Dead’ stands out as one of the best.

We have decided to curate a list of shows similar to this one that you might like below.  The irony in selecting these titles was that we could not look beyond some of the other great peers of ‘All of Us are Dead’ from Korea. Happy reading!

5. Survivors

Shows Like All of us are Dead - Survivors BBC

This BBC presentation is probably the most underrated on the list. It is also the most different in terms of “converts” due to the effect of a virus or other infections. ‘Survivors’ is more in line with the current pandemic situation. People contracting the coronavirus, fall ill, and either die or survive. The more compelling exposition here is that of human darkness. The fall from civilization has turned us back to a Hobbesian reality where each man fights for himself. The deception of danger, hence, becomes a bigger threat than turned humans you can see coming your way. There is also a stronger urge for human connection here, with surviving taking a back seat.

‘Survivors’ shares many similarities with ‘The Leftovers’ as well. Like ‘All of Us are Dead’, the show commoditizes fear and love. Both of them present a world where the lack of warmth or hope is frightening. A reimagining of our lives in these worlds cannot possibly extract any joy. ‘Survivors’ takes the more realistic path, with enhanced creativity, and conveys a larger idea of togetherness in testing times.

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4. The Silent Sea

‘The Silent Sea’ is another series that explores the perils of scientific advancement. In a similar manner like ‘All of Us are Dead’, the series expertly brings out the horrors of human curiosity. It is set in the backdrop of a space mission-critical to survival on earth, which is fast turning into a deserted land. The crew that goes on the journey is unaware of the real cause of the previous failed attempt, forming the central conflict of the plot. In many ways, ‘The Silent Sea’ is similar to ‘High Life’. The space film also revolved around an extra-terrestrial organism that wreaks havoc on interaction. In spite of the heavy language used, there is always a sense of simplification in the stakes.

Its orientation tilts towards exploring internally and externally. Like most films and shows these days, the two facets are given equal importance. ‘All of Us are Dead’ was also as much a coming-of-age story as it was a zombie collapse story. These qualities make ‘The Silent Sea’ a perfect followup to ‘All of Us are Dead’, and is available to stream on Netflix.

Watch The Silent Sea on Netflix

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3. Ash vs Evil Dead

Sam Raimi’s ‘Evil Dead’ franchise is a horror classic. The very first conception of the undead in modern cinema rests in a coveted spot in pop culture. The nostalgic effect of Ash Williams’ roller coaster journey weighs heavy in this sequel television series. The throwback to the fond memories is reproduced with new sensibilities and fused with humor that was missing in the original films.

The outrageous blend of comedy and horror is in line with many modern zombie classics. At the same time, though, the show also encapsulates the pain of watching loved ones turn, like ‘All of Us are Dead’ and being powerless to do anything. The show’s biggest strength from a non-familiar viewer is its accessibility. So even if you haven’t experienced the ‘Evil Dead’ universe, this is a great place to start.

Watch Ash vs Evil Dead on Netflix

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2. Daybreak

Shows Like All of us are Dead - Daybreak

It is a travesty that many Netflix discards haven’t found a home till now. Fans have rallied behind ‘Daredevil’ but loyalists have made their feelings about ‘Daybreak’ clear. Canceled after just one season, the show *must* be revived. It is undoubtedly one of the most fun shows that mixes comedy with horror seamlessly. In a similar fashion to ‘All of Us are Dead’, ‘Daybreak’s outbreak is also ushered in by human intervention. Although the science teacher from the former did not intend to start a war, it eventually became one. Another similar trait that the two share is the innocence of youth. The main characters are all from high school, leaving enough space for folly.

‘Daybreak’ might seem to be derivative of school tropes with its characterization. It is not wholly untrue but must be mentioned with a caveat. When you talk about the same subject, even from different perspectives, there is bound to be overlap. The commonalities aside, ‘Daybreak’ successfully professed its own language to connect with audiences and present an interesting option on your watchlist.

Watch Daybreak on Netflix

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1. Kingdom

‘Kingdom’ became a sensation when it was first released on Netflix. The South Korean contemporary of ‘All of Us are Dead’ did it “first” on the streaming platform. The divergence between the two is the setting but barring that, they are almost on equal footing. ‘Kingdom’ is actually based on partly real events that happened in the 10th century Joseon kingdom.

While the veracity cannot be confirmed, what can be is the quality of production, the seriousness in execution, and the significant emotional impact it has through its runtime. The many moving parts keep the narrative dynamic. It always ebbs and flows, presenting an interesting subplot or two. There aren’t many dull moments in the entirety of two seasons. Its crisp pace is matched by heady themes of betrayal, filial responsibility, and the vagaries and excesses of royalty.

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