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The 15 Best Indian Films of 2015

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“The axe forgets but the tree remembers”

Indian cinema has been experimenting a lot in recent years and has been quite successful by far. New actors and directors have made their presence felt. Importantly, audiences are opening up for new ideas, new experimentation,though it may go horribly wrong in some cases. Interestingly, Indian cinema has even surprised crafting a promising films in genres like sex comedy (Hunterrr ), slasher (NH-10) , and Sci-fi Time travel (Indru Netru Naalai ) where substance was favoured than mere gimmick of the genre. Hope, we see more such films in 2016. Here are The 15 Best Indian Films of 2015 :

Comment your thoughts on the selection, and how many have you seen out of these 15.

15. Kuttram Kadithal | Director: Bramma.G | Tamil

Top 15 Indian Films of 2015 1

A very sensitive topic, handled quite maturely that works partly as a thriller and partly as emotional roller coaster ride. It blurs the line between sinner and forgiver,  questions Indian school functioning system, except that it loses its grip in second half.  Seems like director and writer wanted to incorporate many things at a time, which doesn’t gel properly, and the main plot doesn’t come coherently. Still, a very well made film that needs to be watched.

14. Uttama Villain | Director: Ramesh Aravind | Tamil

Top 15 Indian Films of 2015 2

Film is flawed, stretched unnecessary in the second act. But, Kamal Hassan’s vision and his multi-layered story is applause worthy.Kamal Hassan’s endearing and superlative performance is one of the major reasons you should not skip the film. Uttama Villain perfectly juxtaposes immortality and death in two parallel stories that sync well to question our fear of death and fantasy to attain immortality. Kamal Hassan’s vision and his ideas are really ambitious, thickly layered , and filled with metaphors that can easily be missed. I am sure, his idea of Uttama Villain must have been a lot better on the paper, sadly it seems as if Kamal failed to transcend them on the screen. Nevertheless, film is still a lot better than many other films that Indian film industries have been churning out in recent times.

13. Detective Byomkesh Bakshy! | Director: Dibakar Banerjee | Hindi

Top 15 Indian Films of 2015 3

This slow-burning, stylish sleuth tale had something or the other happening in its each frame. It’s smart, dark, funny & stunning to look at. In Dibakar Banerjee’s Detective Byomkesh Bakshy!, the characters were more unpredictable than the central mystery. They were not just two faced assholes but strangely insanity, vulnerability and selfishness overcame every single one of them. Sushant Singh Rajput‘s towering performance as Bakshy, a rather outgoing detective who battles his eyelashes and solves every step of the ladder with ease, helps the narrative which boosts a dark undertone that’s too grim at times.

12. Dum laga ke Haisha | Director: Sharat Katariya | Hindi

Top 15 Indian Films of 2015 4

People who haven’t made track-lists in order to get their 12 favorite songs on the two sides of an audio-cassette will never understand the charm that this film is submerged in. A film about the middle-class’s mentality of getting their kids married to the very next person without proper consent of the person concerned. Filled with the most ordinary and sweetest kind of 90s nostalgia, Sharat Katariya‘s Dum Laga Ke Haisha was one of the most honest and feel-good films of recent times. While the film mostly talks about the fact that love comes in all sizes, it doesn’t fail to make a point that marriage is not just a 8 letter word that can be tossed around for ones own profit.

11. Orange Mittai  | Director: Biju Viswanath | Tamil

Top 15 Indian Films of 2015 5

What you do when  you have nothing good to with your remaining life, and you are alone in bungalow situated in poorly connected rural village ?  Definitely, you don’t call ambulance for your own amusement. But, 55 year old arrogant character ‘Kailasam’ played by  versatile Vijay Sethupathi does it. One of the most heart-warming film of 2015, that has everything in right amount, peppered with adequate amount of humour and drama, and not so easily forgettable performance of Vijay. Orange Mittai  is well narrated and directed film.

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